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L18 w/ cyclone headers? Whats that? PIC UPDATE


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EDIT- pics added, scroll down.


So the L16 in my 521 is getting pretty tired. Leaky rear seal lack of power. 3 out of 4 plugs are oily.


So a guy around here has an l18 that has been sitting since the mid 80's, but has only 26,000 miles on a rebuild before he pulled it (his 620 rusted out and its been sitting under his work bench). It also has the 4 speed still attached. He says it still turns over by hand.




It has a race cam (I don't know how big) an offy intake and a holly carb, but it also has a 'cyclone' headers? What are cyclone headers? Do I need anything special for them?


He's asking $250, sound reasonable?

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just run the stock manifold.



cyclone is a brand (no quality input from me) like hooker etc, IIRC they were more towards the boating crowd.



$250 would be cheaper than fixing yours, esp if you can drop it in :D

go low and see what happens!


probably just change the oil and itll fire right up!

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before you hand over your cash see if you can pull the valve cover off and inspect the lobes, chain and valve clearances then do a compression test, just block the motor up so it doesn't move to much on you.

plus while your cranking it over to test the compression see if the oil is coming to the top on ALL the lobes.. good luck

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Thats not a bad deal for just a motor if it runs good. The offy intake would fit the old school/rat theme of your truck just for the name alone. If you polish it up, maybe get an old ribbed 1600 valve cover and paint/powdercoat your exhaust manifold like that one Slodat had done... get your timing cover done at the same time (functional bling) and Ive always wanted to see a mini caddy "batwing" air cleaner on an L. If you go that far you could check into those light up plug wires from the 50s/60s just because.

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It came out of a 74 620 hainz. So hopefully it would fit.


And some great ideas there Mike! The batwing idea would be rad.


I'll let y'all know how it goes if I call the guy.


I would up having to spend unexpected cash last week on trying to retrieve data from an external hard drive. I got all the files back, which is great, but it was the same cost as this engine.:(


if header is for a car(510,610.710.200sx) it wont fit a truck cause the torsion bar is in the way so tell him that. "Its worthless to me"


Unless header is specfic to a vehicle.

Or you know where it cam from and you have same vehicle


Short tube headers are mostly likely to fit all the L series

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Here are some pics guys. THe oil coming form the rear spark cylinder area has me thinking it'd need a new head gasket. Might have been laying on that side all these years. Y'all know more than me, whatcha think?


Looks like it was painted at one point and would prolly clean up pretty easy. Elephant cap! Looks like a 610 starter and a b-210 fan, which makes me think those were replaced at some point too.


Remember it only has like 26k on the rebuild, but has been sitting for 20 years or so. And 4cyl L motors rarely come up for sale in these parts.


IS this a $250 engine? $200? $150? It has the 4 speed too.









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