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Carb in the spokane area???

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The carb on my brothers 620 is officially toast. Throttle shaft is worn and binding in the inside.


Does anybody in the spokane area have an L18 or L20 hitachi that is in working condition? Or even parts carbs that arent all frozen up/loose? A weber would be awesome though.


Its not even for my truck so the cheaper the better. If youve got a good weber I could come up with some cash though. Ive got a bunch of 620 stuff (KC and standard cab) and a bunch of L stuff that Id probably trade if you need something.



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Yeah, Matt is a good idea. If he can't help, there is a guy on the N side named Steve who I don't think is on any of the forums. I drove by his place about three weeks ago. He had one 510 in his driveway and four more of 'em in the backyard. I think he probably has Datsun parts. PM me if you want the last phone # I have. If that # isn't good any more, I think I can give you directions to his place.



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