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what do you like to listen to while driving?

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lately just the whine of my electric fuel pump and trans hitting the crossmember. LOL as soon as the weather is nice and I have a weekend off, I need to install that dynamat!


But music wise, I listen to a wide mix of music. underground hiphop, 70 rock, blues, radio ect.

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A Japanese symphony of Mikuni's on a KA24de!


On long trips I'll throw in my earphones and listen to some mellow stuff. Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, Rebelution...mellow stuff keeps me from driving to fast.

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i used to listen to hard rock when driving but it tends to get me in a road rage mood and i didnt like that. my ipod has a mix of kind of mellow rock(sublime, slightly stoopid, pearl jam, dave matthews, incubus, red hot chili peppers, stp, 311, etc) and sorta indie hiphop (atmosphere, aesop rock, grieves, eclectic approach, flobots, classified, jurassic 5, living legends, sage francis, etc). i just set it on shuffle

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Mostly metal when I drive. Unless I am listening to the music of the engine in the Suzuki Swift Gti. BAnds like Opeth, Katatonia, LAmb of God, Prong. Lately alot of Mastadon (great to drive to but man you want to speed!)

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I mainly listen to chopped & screwed music. Keeps me mellow.

If I'm in a bad mood, it's rock all the way, pumps me up.

Then I've always got a rotating list of classic rock (doors, ac/dc, g&r, etc), nerdcore (mc chris ftmfw!), rap, comedy (weird al, adam sandler, some stand up stuff), occassional dance stuff, and finally some alt/other (duran duran, m.i.a, icp, etc).

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Hard rock if I'm in a good mood, metal when I'm pissed off, and classic rock when I need to relax; with the occasional country song (the old i.e. good country music). :cool:


Favorite driving song (helps me drive fast:lol:) is Pretty Handsome Awkward by The Used.

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

For spirited driving,

hair bands and rock(def leppard,maiden,crue,sammy hagar(cant drive 55),slaughter,jackyl,blue murder,ac/dc,twisted,etc..)


daily drives,classic rock,(floyd,supertramp,skynyrd,clapton etc)

also like cypress,sound garden(rusty cage),eazy e,

I like almost any music,not a big fan of country but do like a few ..:eek:

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i set my iphone on shuffle and its on!! i love music expect for all that new mtv shit, you know like that rip off song that says.. you make my head spin right round.. and i hate reggaeton just gets on my nerves. i love reggae, alternative and indie rock and underground hip hop.. i listen to we are scientist, bright eyes, daft punk, kings of leon, the blood arm, she wants revenge, the shins, los fabulosos cadillacs, the doors, brotha lynch, the strokes, at the drive in, bloc party, arctic monkeys, the bloodhound gang, g love, modest mouse, the rapture, spoon, sublime and the violent femmes just to name a few, i love them all

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Since 1974.............. When I wore out two 8 tracks of this album in My first 620.


The Doobie Brothers

What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits


Down In The Track and Road Angel


You younger guys........ Listen to both on You Tube, You'll see what I mean!!


Another good song by the Doobies is Dangerous

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