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Wheels - I know nothing.

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So, here's a shot of my 510:




I'm not really feeling it on the wheels of my car -- they seem a little small. I don't know much about wheels and tire combinations, but I know that my tires say "R185/70R13", which means that I've got 13" wheels, 185mm wide tires, and a 70 height:width ratio.


So, can somebody point me to 510s with other size wheels, with an idea of what I'm looking at to make a comparison? I plan to do a little shopping and need to know what to look for...

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Personally i think 510's look best w/ 13 inch rims. You can run a 185-60-13 which will have a smaller sidewall or even a 175-50-13 which is a very small sidewall...

my wagon w 14x6 ZX rims & a 185-60-14 tire...


13x5 rim & a 175-70-13 tire...


& a 13x7 rim w/ a 185-60-13 tire...


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So are the oil stains it leaves all over the driveway... LOL!


As far as the wheels, if you go with a thinner tire with less sidewall, it won't make them look so small. The wheels will look a hint larger and probably make the whole car look a little better too!


Anything from a 13 to a 15 looks awesome on a 510, I think anything bigger is pushing it a bit too much, I like the retro-ish look to the wheel setup on an old Datsun.

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To me they are worth nothing. Rollers

But I think Datto510 is a HIGH ROLLER$$$$$$$$$$

You never know what a guy will pay for something


yes he just got those 14x7s on his 4dr.


High roller? Not me man. I had to sell my body for those wheels...... I FEEL USED!:lol:

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