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Who is the Ratsun Rider in this PIC

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http://www.sfvisbf.com/ SHHHHHHH!!!!!!



Neat, how can you cheat? Run a nitrious bottle for boost and get everyone behind you cracking up :D


You could cheat with compressed air. Even a 30lbs bottle could get you a little boost. Weight plays a big part to. You just need to get it rolling and weight will get you going faster than most. But controlling it would be another issue.

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Guest DatsuNoob
This should be a ratsun requirement. Do some soap box racing and get your mind of your datsun for a while. Of course, how many ratsuneers would make their soap box car look like a datsun. LOL :D


Dude, I'm so down, let's do it! I had a sweet soapbox I made when I was a kid, and can only imagine the bad ass creation I could conjure up with the toys I have now :D. Front steering consisted of a 2X4 axle with a center bolt (for swivel) and a long bit of rope you could pull either way to move it, got those old wagon wheels turning pretty good down a few old downtown hills in Bremerton.

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They do the underground Xtreme soap racing here in Spokane WA from time to time. It's kept super quiet untill just before the race. They just show up to the locations blast down the the hill at 60+ mph and hope not to get killed, lol. The rules are pretty simple, build a free wheeling cart that has good brakes and steering, and show up on time. It's about as crazy as it gets. If you need more info and are somewhat local, pm me and I'll forward on your info.

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