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nis720 official intro


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Thanks for the comments guys... I will have some updates coming soon.


I spent my monday at my friends muffler shop (installing some motorized steps on his Tundra). While I was there I decided to have him look at my exhaust, there was a rattleling sound at higher RPM and deceleration.




We found the shield on the cat was cracked.




He took off the lower one and left the upper one for heat.



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take the cat off!


I did have it off but the exhaust is a bit louder.... I'm a bit older.. LOL.


It's a high flow cat anyways so there is no performance gain in removing it. Also half of it is gutted from when I had the Z24 with a Weber running super rich.:eek:


Here's an old pic of the Z24.



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Today I removed the alternator (went out yesterday) from my 720 and decided to install the intercooler since I can't drive it anyways.






Here's how the bumper looks and fits over the intercooler.





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Sweet looking truck man, I bet that thing hauls balls. If you get a chance can you measure the hieght and width of that phantom grille for me????Please???

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it'd be great if there was just a tiny intercooler between the headlights.


I originally planned on doing that but realistically I don't have enough space behind the grille.


The space between the motor and radiator is very limited as well. I managed to get the MAF in there.





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