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Disc Brake kits 521/520/320/620

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I'm going to call tomorrow, for an appt on monday to get details finalized and possibly have all the bearing adapters cnc'd so that they are a press fit. It will probably be that the adapters will be heated up to about 400 and then slipped on....no loctite. I'll post what I find out. If it doesn't work out, I'll be in front of the lathe soon :)

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just keeping peeps updated. I got the quote back from the machine shop...I'll be placing an order soon, but the spindle I gave them to take the dimensions off of is not perfectly round....so I have to get a couple more examples for dimensions or find it in print somewhere. I've got extra spindles to measure so this just delays it a couple of days since they're not open on the weekend. I might be able to get this figured out on monday. Worse case, we use the slip fit dimensions and go with the loctite like before. :)

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I found the factory dimensions for the spindles in the manual....so that should have been the last piece of info they needed....I even paid for them already! Ouch! Anyway...that was done on monday, so the ball is still rolling forward on these :)

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I actually put some time in on the brackets!! I got the acid dipping done. They get about a 15-20 dip in muriatic acid to get the mill scale off. The green bucket is a water bath to rinse the parts off before I take them in the shop for a final "hot water" rinse. Using hot water really helps to speed up the drying time, which in turn, really helps keep down the flash rust.


Next up is to fab the spacers...nearly 50 of them. Then I'll start welding them up. I think I'm about to the point of selling off the design and such and let someone else make them after this. I just really, really don't like doing the production work like this. Anyway....


I'll go get the bearing adapters tomorrow sometime. Kinda anxious to see how they came out.

















A few of the previous pics show the left over mill scale from where parts or washers touched. A quite bit of sanding/grinding fixes that. This last pic is of all the plates and tabs, beveled and ready for welding as soon as the spacers are done.



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Yep...that's what they are.....almost. They still need to be drilled and tapped. They're from the E1 carb swap thread. I had to laugh about that thread....it's got more fab vid than any other thread I've done, yet it's only ever gotten one response and that was from Atom. I'm pretty sure most people looked at the title and didn't get past that. Nearly everything in that thread can be applied to swapping a weber onto an L-series :) Anyway....here's the thread if you want to know more about the carb spacers. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/23024-e1-carb-swap/


And thanks.....a lot of the skills are learned as I go, I just simple "go" a lot of places :) I'm having the most fun right now with the 3D CAD program. In fact, that you've brought up the carb spacers.....I think I'll go play around with converting that art into 3D. :)

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I changed up the dimensions a bit to allow the use of the 620 seal instead of the dodge D50 seal(620 on right, D50 on left). I figured it was a good time to do that. One of the 620 guys will get D50 seals in his kit since I already have the bearing adapters made to those specs.


I also had the specs changed to make them a shrink fit. The adapters will need to be heated up to 400 degrees and then slipped on and allowed to cool. I'll still include the loctite in these kits in case someone has a worn spindle.....and mainly because I already bought the stuff. If I ever do a future batch of kits, I will not include it.














In looking over past posting on one of my threads, I came across a suggestion about plating....I'll have to go back and look to see who to give the credit to...anyway.... I got a quote back on having the truck brackets plated with clear zinc.....very cheap....so as soon as I get done fabbing these things, I'll take them for plating. It's cheap enough that I'll just absorb it in my end of things. It would be much easier for me to send them out in bare steel since I wouldn't have to deburr all the edges....but the plating will look soooo much nicer!!

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thank you mike. :thumbup:


You're more than welcome :)


Hey mike do you have any kits for the 521 left?


The 10 kits that I'm posting about will fit the 521....so yes, I do :)


Looks good Mike. How many kits are not spoken for?


My list is about 7 people long right now. We'll see if all 7 follow through. One is paid for and another is pending. I've got a 3 day weekend coming up....so I'm planning on finishing up the brackets so that I can take them to the plater on tues/wed. I should have them back by the end of the week and be able to start boxing them up. At that point, I'll need the guys wanting 620 kits to pay before I start cutting the bearing adapters down for the 620 spindles. Going a bit slower than I had hoped, but life doesn't exactly do as I want sometimes :)


Thanks for the patience guys!!

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So if all seven come through How many sets are left for sale.


I have a set of these on my 66 520 and I have not even driven it yet, I am so pleased with the quality and how easy these were to install that if I had the money I would buy another set just to have for the future, Possible V6 automatic King Cab 520 next. I need something I can drive to Oregon & back towing my 66 520.

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I have made some progress, but not nearly what I thought I would. I did finish the spacers finally....they will definitely get done by the shop when the adapters get made next time!!






I also spent a couple of hours yesterday chatting with the guy that is going to be welding these together. His price came out exactly where I was hoping. We talked about the jig design....so I'm going to be working on that next. I had hoped to have these all done and back from the plater by now :( Trying to balance several things at once. :)

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