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Goon Cargo areas


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So when I bought my Goon, the cargo area was a mess. I had scraped off two layers of cheap old window tint that had turnned purple, and now people could see how nasty the inside of my car was.




I thought about what I could do to make her look a little better, and I decided to go with a roll on truck bed liner.


First things first, I had to take all panels and covers off.. then its on to the wire brush!


I also hammered the dings out of the wheel well while I was at it. In hind site, I wish I took the extra day to scrape off all the old tar paper that they installed in the factory. But at the time that was a lot more hastle then I thought it was worth.


After I knocked off most of the grime, it was time to get high. Cleaned it all with Acetone :D



After two coats over two days, I put her back to gether.





It came out well IMO. I have done a few more things like paint the sheet metal of the cargo area to a hammered black, and replaced my weather stripping.


I also was trying to get that damn retractible cover (seen in the first pic) to work. But I haven't made the brackets to hold it yet. It worked with the plastic ones I cut out as a template, till I hit a bump or took a corner too hard.:rolleyes:


Soon Ill carpet it because after a couple years of use, its looking a little faded. No where near as good as the pictures. But it held up well considering its been used helping friends move, picking up parts, and being a hangout spot for my dog.:D


Maybe in the future, Ill try to do some fiberglass work. make a nice box for an 8" sub that takes up this whole area. ;)



If you have pics of your cargo area, or ideas of what you plan to do, post them up! :D

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zhent. I love the speaker covers.

Guess I should do something with my cargo area, But mine is clean for now.

I just have one 10" back there now. I would love to do some big ass 12's in fibreglass. But I don't have any skill with that. I might come up with some big ass billet enclosure, :cool:

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John...what if we took an old metal cooler, painted it red & mounted your 10 inch woofer in it? :D i can help you make it happen.


Dude that would be badass. find an old coke cooler and turn it into a speaker box. SWEEEEEET.

I'll start looking.

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zhent. I love the speaker covers.

Guess I should do something with my cargo area, But mine is clean for now.


Stock hub caps make great speaker covers for 12" subs...:cool:

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due the hub caps effect the sounds of the speakers because thats one awesome idea


I've never noticed any effect on the sound. Air comes out the holes and the bass thumps like it always did.

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