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My new wheels :D

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yeah, they're going on the dime :D just wait until you see them mounted. the offset is something ridiculous like -48 or some crap like that... (the wheel doesn't even say! i had to research it!) once i get camber plates the negative camber is going to make them the flushest wheels ever! :D i hope the rear's tow in alright as well... we'll see :)

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be cheaper to find rims that fit than to build a car around the wheels. Added a flare kit. -48mm I say it might still not fit with those flares


Maybe some BOX FLARES will help with the extra travel


Hey Stock rims and hubcaps look cooler and is alot cheaper!!!!!!!!!!!!


if your car is straight I say dont do it just to make those wheels work


oh just read 13x 7 ????????? Ok maybe

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yeah hainz, i kinda halfbooty test fitted them. i just eyed out where the wheel was headed if i dropped it more, and seems like it'll be fine. and that was on the fronts, where the wheels are even further away from the body. the rears should tow in quite nicely ;D another factor would be that they have(bald as crapp...) 195-60-r13 tires on them. i'm getting 175-50-r13's :D she's gunna be LOW! and hopefully fairly flush :D just wait. ya'll are gunna be jealous :fu:

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