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Whoa. 280zx... flat front end...

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I was looking at pictures from Edz280zx's thread (http://forum.ratsun.net/showthread.php?t=8934), and saw this picture:




I've never noticed before that there is a ton of dead space between the radiator and nose of the car. I got to thinking... what if the front end of the z cars didn't come to a point? What if the light housings were flat... like all the other Datsun round-light vehicles? What if the front end were flattened, like a 510?


Obviously, the hood would have to be shortened, and a custom grill would need to be made, but I think it would make the car look really aggressive.


If somebody wants to go at it with photoshop to see what it could look like (i'm stuck at work with no access/time to work on image editing software), or if somebody has a beat up z car with a twacked front end and want to experiment, I think it would look rather amazing.


But that's because I love the 510, and think that a flat-faced z car would look more like a 510.

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a guy could make it look like the newer model mustang front end :eek:




Although I do admit that the new mustang with dual round lights does remind me of the 510, the BMW 2002, et all.


But cool - glad somebody is working on that project. Looks like it'll turn out pretty nicely.

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Funny you mention that. I swear they put those stock airboxes in so we can use the same holes to route an Intercooler! :D


:lol: the S30 was made to have an L28et in it.

the break duct holes are perfect for 2.5in IC piping and the firewall is 3in farther back to fit a better flowing downpipe

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^There's a '96 240 in the shop at my school with 2,000 miles on it. I love taking it out for "test drives". :lol:

It can't be legally street driven though, because it's a nissan donated vehicle. :(


EDIT: Photoshop attempt:


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I would so rock a 240sx. Nicest looking Nissan made. Car that is!


You think a 240sx looks better then a z32? Say it aint so Mike.....

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You think a 240sx looks better then a z32? Say it aint so Mike.....


Well certainly the nicest looking Z car since the 240/260. I don't think anyone would argue that. So yes I do like them specially the back end and tail lights. This is what everyone else will be seeing so it's important... :D but.... I like the 240sx just a tad more. Just a preference, besides it leaves more Z32's for you.

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If the 280z cars came with a flattened off 510 like front, I'd be the first to accept it. As it is, I'm just not that jazzed about them. Love the first pics hughdogz, I think that will look bad ass!


Just to be clear, it is not my project ;) At the beginning, I had my doubts, but the guy has come a long way in making it blend in.

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