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main bearing oil clearance, no. 5 cap seal?


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So, got the engine block back today, looking good. Now I'm checking main bearing clearance - plastigage shows around .002 on all the crank journals - see pic. sorry for blurry pic...


Pretty close to max wear according to the 620 manual. Is this ok? Don't want to touch the crank if I don't have to...

Also, that seal in no. 5 main bearing cap worries me. How do you get it in? The book says to drive it in with a drift AFTER you torque the cap. No way is that gonna work - it will bend. Any advice?


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You mean the side seals????????


The book shows putting a bead of sealant along a edge and putting the side seals in with a drift/soft hammer/Fuck it hammer it!!!!!!!!


I havent done one myself. I let the machine shop do it while they put the block back to gether.


as for the crank if its not scared up just run the stock size bearings. I had 2 blocks done and both were just a rebearing w/STD size.

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the side seals that came with the gasket kit are one piece. I'm afraid I'll screw it up if I try to put them in - and the nearest parts shop is 200 miles away... I know it's not right, but I'm gonna leave the old ones in, and just put some Wurth non-hardening gasket sealer over them... hope it don't leak

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