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East Coast Craig's List finds- resurrected from old Classifieds

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this thread would have been uber nifty to find a a while ago. I have been looking for a 510 for a long time. I have a "purchase pending" but i'll be back if it falls through, OR if i find some CL datsuns i think are worthy of sharing.

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saw that, he had 1 running ugly one, 1 fairly complete project, and 1 parts car and a SLEW of new parts. It wasn't far from my house but im already limited on time and space so picking up three projects wouldn't have flown well with the missus. I like my vintage stuff ALOT but I was hoping to find one with an sr20det.


I don't want to jinx myself so i don't want to say much till it actually shows up at my house on a trailer, but i think i found what i was looking for, and it should be here tuesday :) IF not, this thread will be my best friend haha

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ill be driving through kingfeild tonight. I'm not an expert by any means, but if you want me  to check anything specific out I can try.

 no worries.  i was goin through there today to get some of the fresh snow at the mountain but i had to be back home to take the woman out to dinner  :yawn:    


think i'll give him a call if my harley sells this sunday like i hope it will  "fingers crossed"  


if you don't mind my asking, where in maine are you (i'm in ellsworth)

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