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where can i get wheel studs for my dime?

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get arp 100-7708 they are 2.5" long you will have to change your lug nuts go to the junk yard and you could get them from honda civics or camaros they share the same 12mm x 1.5 thread


they are late model camaro/firebird/corvette, these are in my opinion the best choice because when you think about it, domestic cars will always have some company that makes parts for them even if the gm goes out of business.

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http://heavyindustrie-s.com/datsun510.aspx (scroll way down)



I just got the Nismo 50mm studs from rhdjapan yesterday, and haven't gotten a chance to put them on. However, one of the guys that works there is a Datsun 510 guy, and they sent me a SWEET S30 Penny Racer free!

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that sounds great! ... but will their spline work with the datsun hub?:blink:


will work, they will be a little bit tighter but tight is good:lol: trust me they are the best option because even nismo stops making stuff for nissans, camaros will have aftermarket support for a long time,at least here in the states

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