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Age you bought your first Dat, and age you are now.

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Hey everyone! I'm new to this site, but not new to Datsuns. I was reading about local meets and someone mentioned they were about to have a Bday. That got me wondering how old most Datsun owners on this site are. I think I might be more toward the older crowd lol:o


Ill start:


My first Dat was a '73 2 door, with a NAPZ Frankenstein 2.4 and had a draw through turbo setup. I still have the rolling chassis after I blew that motor up. I think I bought that one a little over 10 years ago, so I was in my mid to early 20s. I might sell it one day, but for now I keep it as my "future track car".


A friend that lived down the street "510-Rick" is what he called himself, loved the goons. At the time I did not care for them. More and more I saw his, the more I fell in love. White, roof rack, flawless bumper over riders aka "granny bars"... she was nice. That started my long search for a wagon.


I just turned 33 and I'm currently driving a '71 Goon. I bought her about 5 years ago (searched for 2 years). I thought about selling a few times (Too many projects) but just couldn't bring my self to do it. I just did a motor swap, so I'm keeping her for many years to come, regardless of what my Girlfriends say about it.:lol:

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18 when i got my first 510 , ive owned 5 of them all 2 doors and currently own my first one again, not on purpose didnt even relize it till about a week after i had it, im 29 now and am picking up another one next week

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I was 29 when I bought my first Dat, a 78 Z 2+2. That was 5 months ago, I'm 30 now. :D


I used to work with a Vietnamese man named Mihn. He always talked about Z's, how much he loved them. One day he bought a yellow one for pretty cheap, and let me ride in it. I wanted one ever since, that was 10 years ago or so.

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I was 16 when I bought my first 510. Within 3 months I had my 2nd 510. I am now going to be 37 in August and have had a 510 all but 2 years since. Those 2 years were painful and one reason she's my ex-wife!

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O.K. You young bucks. I picked up my 1st Z car 15 years ago. I was 39 you do the math. I've had like 6 Z's over the years. But I still have my first one.

I now have 2 Z's and my goon and I love em all. But the goon is my favorite so far. :D

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Got my first car, a 81' 280ZX Turbo when I was 17, I'm now 35 and have an exact replica of that car, same color, wheels, everything. My second car was an 85' 720 4x4. My third car was, technically a VW baja bug, which I had traded for the 720. I sold that to get my 4th car, which is the 71' 510 I still have.

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16 when I got my 240Z. young and dumb but learned a lot from that car and miss it to this day. got into the honda's since high school til about 30 years old and from then to now(35) I have a 71 wagon which I have a good amount of fun with. would not mine doing a Z again and doing it right engine wise or getting a coupe or sedan for cheap. I also have a 71 blazer 4wd

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dang... i got my first datsun at the begging of this year :) my first car was my grandmas 64 4 door plymouth valiant... and then i bought a chevy s10... but by far my goon is my favorite :).. im only 20 so i got plenty of time to start my datsun collection

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Age you bought your first Dat, and age you are now.


26 and 59. First Dat was a '68 510 4dr. followed by a new '76 B-210 then a 7-8 year old 521. I had the 521 till the mid '80 and nothing until about 14 years ago when I found the love of my life, a '78 620. Been happily Dattoed ever since.

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hahaha newbie :P atleast you got her for a good price, i only paid 100 for mine.. but had to totaly bring her back to life lol


hah :fu: Mine only needed new fenders and a grill. It was sitting for 4 years. I sprayed some starting fluid down the carb and she fired right up. :D


sad thing is that it was parked right in front of my place and I never even asked about it....

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Bought my first Datsun at the age of 14. A '66 520 for a $100. Pumped up the tire, put dads battery from the farm truck in her and she fired right up. Dad just smiled and said, you drive. :eek::D:D


Just turned 40 in Feb. I've had several 521's over the years and on my 2nd 620.


Hopping to get my daughter her first one this year. She has her eye on a '77 280Z. DAMN I LOVE THAT KID!!! :D Oh ya......she's 14.

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i bought my first datsun when i was 17. it was a 74 620 that i put a buick 4.1 v6 in. never got it done tho. wish i didnt send it to the scrapper...


ive got the kingcab now, and im almost 22. i dont think ill ever sell my kingcab lol.

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