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280ZXT a/c fan.......WEAK


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So the fans in the climate control system of the 280ZX's have always sucked, or at least in the 3 I have owned. Wondering if there's an "upgrade" to make more than just a slight breeze come out of the vents. Just doesn't cut it here in Phoenix in the summer. Having the thing turned up all the way is equal to about the number 1 setting in my Frontier.

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1970-78 fans are much weaker than the 1979-83.


If your fan is that weak maybe just replace the blower motor itself with a used stock unit. The relays are different on the manual control fan motors so try to get one from the same system.

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You could check to see that there are not vacuum line leaks. Also, there is an electric vacuum pump that may not be working properly.


I removed the electric pump in my ZXT, so now if I'm in boost, or near 0 psi vacuum, I don't get any flow. :o I have a auto climate converted to manual.

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Ohhh, I have never gotten any flow at/near positive boost. Didn't realize there was an additional vacuum pump for the HVAC. I have checked the system for leaks though using a mityvac, seemed to be fine. Will have to look into that. I assumed that those vacuum canisters under the hood were designed to hold enough vacuum under boost. Mine is an 81' if it makes a difference.

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i have also found that the vacuum actualtors can be an issue. they are the part that controls the flapper doors. if they have a sticky spot they wont open all the way causing poor flow. have the car running or your pump hooked up, remove the dash and watch to verify that all the actualtors are moving full sweep. having the dash out makes it easy to see them all. its pretty hard with the dash in.

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