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Project 810 Battle Wagon!

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Figured since everyone has one of these.. I should make my own since my goon is a constant/on-going project! Here are some quick pix of the aesthetic changes done so far:


When I first bought her with the old wheels (Monster Truck status height!)





Bought some Enkei Meshies not too long after...




Rattle Canned them....






Installed with the same height...




And now (just recently dumped!)...





The last key part for the "look" is these fender mirrors...






Now for the "GO" mods... eventually I want to get my hands on a L28E and do the old swap. Ideally I would like to go stroker but I think the $$$ to get that done won't come around too soon. I think a mild L28E would be great in the mean time. Also thinking of maybe hooking up a Nitrous kit to her so I can go beat up on the 1/4 and 1/8 mile tracks...

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Man...:eek: That looks great! Good job! Look forward to seein some more pics..like after the fender mirrors get bolted on.:D


Thanks... the fender mirrors should happen soon. Just gotta man up one of these days and build up some courage to hack up those beautiful fenders... :gulp: :blink:


hey those other rims are pretty sick!

whats become of them?


Aw man. Just sold those about a month ago. Cheap too.

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Figured since everyone has one of these.. I should make my own since my goon is a constant/on-going project! Here are some quick pix of the aesthetic changes done so far:






Rattle Canned them....






And now (just recently dumped!)...






looks good. what brand and color # did you use to spray wheels??

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So I have been wanting to do this pretty insane project with my 810.


Basically I want to recreate a "clean" shark-nose on my 810 emulating Japan's infamous bosozoku:


(leaning more towards this style... "mild" boso)









I've been mulling it over with some of the boys and it should be fairly easy to do. I would just have to pull it off right. I see some guys going with the bosozoku look around here and they keep it pretty casual or I hate to say it... half assed. Oil coolers? 3 foot tail pipes? That's it? C'mon. Go for gold! Although I would like to sway from the 3 foot pipes and oil coolers myself...


Now my only concerns that are keeping me from completely committing are this:


Laws? I think I heard nothing can go past your bumper... and this nose would at least be three inches past the bumper. As my daily driver I'm sure the 5-0 would hassle me sooner than later. Plus the point of the nose eventually will drop low which may block part of my headlights... I don't have an option for a second car right now either.


Secondly: If I go on with it I'm I'll have to do it right! Wide-Wide wheels! Flares. The right height! Not sure if I can do it all before JCCS in October... and I REALLY want to be able to attend with the wagon this year...


Thirdly: My 810 is a nice (but not the best... YET!) example of this particular model. How many 810's do you see nowadays on the road and shows compared to 510's and Z's? Do I really wanna hack it up? Hard call...


Skib was nice enough to help me visualize my plan with a quick photo-shop:






I think it would look great! My car is in the correct era (late 70's and early 80's).

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So I kinda scrapped the idea for a sharknose on my goon.... I'll reserve that idea for an 810 Sedan when I get one...


Now for the 810 Goon... it's just going to stay clean OG Shako-tan style. Gotta get 'er done before JCCS!


Just picked up some new mirrors...



And we are waiting on these to arrive by slow boat...



Hope they get here in time but I think we may be cutting it close!

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Nice rims George. Those will look bad as on your goon. Hope they get here soon.


Thanks... hope so. Clock is ticking! Still need to paint them and get some rubber on them when they finally arrive... trying not to get my hopes up though.


Its going to look ok, not all that


Just kidding, its going to look bad ass!!! you'll get them before JCCS for sure, its been awhile already, no worries Jorge, you're going in style!!!:D


Hehe.. hopefully.


damn those rims are hot. project looks swell


It's coming along.. still have a couple more things planned for the goon that may get done before JCCS hopefully...

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