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My little KA swapped 72 510.

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i dont really consider this a BIG project yet. i plan on doing the SR or CA swap later but i figured i post some pics of what im doing now.


About 5 weeks ago i picked up my 72 510 for $1500. It had a SOHC KA in it but the kid i bought it from had spun a bearing in it and pretty much destroyed the motor. so i started taking that one out and im just going to put a different SOHC KA in it just for simplicity sake.


When i got it i knew it had a subaru LSD, Old school Recaro's, coil overs, upgraded 280 brakes on the front and the KA swap. but when i got to taking things apart i found out that the coil overs were TIEN..... pretty cool i thought. then when i got the motor and trans out i found out that it had a fairly new EXEDY clutch. again pretty cool cause these are all name brands that i have heard of before not some ebay knock off crap.


got the motor all changed out and its running really strong but it still has some bugs to work out.


Some of my future plans consist of doing the SR or CA swap this coming winter, doing some body work. Its really isnt that bad of condition just some dents and a few rust spots. floor pans look great so is the underside of the car. I work for CiNcity designs where we do headlight modification so we are also planning on doing a Bi-Xenon Retrofit on the 510. should be fun!! well here are some pics and ill try to keep this updated.


This is my first datsun/nissan anything and i am absolutely in love with this car. i have owned alot of DSM's before this and just had the itch for RWD again. like i said the first night i had it running i was so excited i couldnt stop messing with it and just doing anything i could to it.


since then i have the rear fenders rolled so i can get some wider tires in the back and i also added some rear seat belts so my kids are safe when they ride in the back. the front bumper is removed and the rear one is getting modded so its more flush and discrete in the rear.


let me know what you guys think!



This is how it was sitting when i found it.



the motor had alot of snow and ice in it.



it has some sweet 15in nissan wheels too. probably going to keep them and powder coat them bronze.



the interior is in decent shape. the dash has no cracks and seems that most of the interior pieces are there. doesnt have inside door panels or a headliner and i think the back seat is still original.




#3 wasnt even moving when i turned the crank....i tried pulling it out cause i was bored and it just got stuck there LOL.



the car had all the extras to like bumpers and grills and all the lights and side markers.



Pulling the junk motor and a few of our shop friends that like to hang out LOL.






This is how she was sitting till i got another KA.





This is how she sits now. there are still some things i plan on cleaning up but i was just concerned about getting it running and running right first. (sorry for the shitty cell phone pics we havent had many nice days here to get out and take some DSLR pics. maybe this weekend.







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got the car all washed and waxed today. there are about 8-10 of us going out to shoot some shots so we were cleaning the whips today.


here are some pics of my car but later i will post some pics of all the cars today to include a Ion Redline, 3000GT-TT, a s13 frontend swapped onto a s14, Evo 8, oh and our veilside NSX. there are a few more that im not sure of but should be a good time, its a really nice day out here.


anyways heres some of my dime.....









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High Dynamic Range pretty much requires (if you're doing it right) several pictures of the same scene, that are over/undersaturated and then blended together. Very cool process! I really like HDR shots, but sometimes they're just not... all there, you know?


Otherwise, awesome looking 510! I like the dark blue with white snowflakes! Repaint them white, be a baller!

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LOL the 2 front wheels actually were white when i got it.... they were pretty beat up but i think next im going with bronze or gold.


and with the HDR stuff i use 3-5 of the same pictures. i think my problem in that my exposure isnt ranged enough. i think i need the first to be lighter and the last to be darker.

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Yeah. The idea is you can see all the detail in the places that SHOULD be extremely dark and extremely bright. That's what gives them kind of a funny appearance, because you see what you shouldn't see. Sometimes people go over the top with the amount of blurring, and it looks kind of funny in general.


Not a bad start, though! Just toy with it some!

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