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UMMM Guys' What a waste, but cool


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Custom Show Truck: ONE OF A KIND!!!!! 1972 Datsun with 454 Blower Motor 8 Cylinder, Automatic. Low Hours on professionally Built Engine, Original Miles Are Unknown. 650 HP on pump gas 671 Blower. (2) Holly 4-Barrels. Ready To Drive. Needs nothing but a new home. $25,000.00 OBO no way in hell is it worth 25 grand haha

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Yeah, lots of nice quality work, but wholly unacceptable. I mean, first off, it has a gigantic V8. WRONG! A turbo four would have sufficed. Second, the bed should have closed around the engine. Third, not practical at all for daily driving. And really, how are you going to haul gravel in that thing? :D

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that is truly a ABF (african butt fu&%) or a troglodyte untill I seen that I thought I was a hacker. you have to think of the time someone put in to that its quite a pice.... of craftsman ship .

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If that was a S10 or something like that, I would be drooling, but on a jap truck, nahh.

Everything from the back of the cab forward is nice though, especially the grille and dash. I think I might try and make my own version of that dash, since I'm more handy with wood than metal (I was going to try and make a straight steel dash, but the wood just looks awesome! :D)

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