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wheels and tires

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well just tires as a set of for ranger rims arnt going to do most of you any good :D


well there a set of 4,205/75 r14 wild cat steal radial tires with like 200-400 miles on them i have the les-schwab paper work but its locked in the truck witch my girl friend has the keys for(go figure)but when i get the keys i will get the exact mileage, and like i said before there on some ford ranger rims,just stock steelies. They were like 400+ brand new so im thinking like 200 obo for all 4 tires and rims


OR...i am looking to trade them for a nice set of 15" chrome or aluminum rims for it, there 5-4.5 i believe


this is not an actual pic i just found this on the interwabz for reference, mine are in a lot better condition


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