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carb rebuild kits...


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ZTherapy should sell you just the parts too. They've also got a video to show you how to rebuild them.


The stock two barrel carb rebuild kits are cheaper than the weber kits, but the carb is a bit more involved.

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thanks for the help. i found out its 180.00 for a kit from z therapy, but i also kinda like the idea of getting a 'new' set from them to bolt on there instead. a little more spendy though... how extensive is the rebuild of a set of su's?

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They're not that bad to rebuild, but you have to keep in mind that ZTherapy rebuilds the throttle shafts with ball bearings and seals. No matter how good you rebuild it, you'll never be able to compensate for a worn/wobbly throttle shaft.

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i got a set of su carbs that need rebuilt. im having no luck finding kits or anything for em. im runnin outta options here. oh yeah, and i do have an original 2 barrel that needs rebuilt also. any help?


Didn't say he had Hitachis.

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thanks again guys. i found a good datsun shop here in town that bought up a bunch of overstock when they started to discontinue parts. doesnt sell kits but rebuilds the carbs, just gonna go that route.

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