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Hi frank, welcome to ratsun.


Ratsuners, what do you think about this "all rebuilt" matchbox distributor?


* $175.00

* Completely Rebuilt Using All New And Reconditioned Parts

* You Will Need To Buy A L28 Distributor Base Too

* A Stock Tachometer Will Not Work With This Setup


I know you can get these as cheap as $35 from wreckers (i've bought 'em for that price) but a new Vacuum advance is $30+ and new advance bearing plate is $75. Most used ones have bad advance and bearing plate. So this price sounds fair for all rebuilt with warranty.



New Cap & rotor is $14 at Rockauto.com

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Ratsuners, what do you think about this "all rebuilt" matchbox distributor?

* $175.00



rockauto still has them for ~$130, basicly new w/warranty.


i got a new unit a few months ago @ close out for $65 :D




i have a used matchbox avail as well as a single point.

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many thanks to those who provided info. I think I know what I want to and need to do about the El. Dizzy. Also have a (minor) problem that when I turn on a turn signal, left or right, both flash. I found a flasher available for bidding on Ebay. From Singapore, 11 WEEKS for delivery! I passed. Will also post photos when my computer geek helps me figure out how to do that.

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