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Toyota Hemi!! and other vintage JDM v8's

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I am surprised we've never talked about the toyota hemi engine on ratsun.


Of course they were never brought to this country. And it was never officially badged a 'hemi'.


I've been thinking of what engine I'd want in my dream '59 210. Perfect Japanese muscle for a all jap traditional hotrod.


Wiki taught me Yota started making them in '67 with the 3V in the Crown and the Century. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Century Then the 4v and 5v followed. They made them for like 20 years, so it can't be that hard to find one.... right? As long as you don't mind importing it. I hear parts are totally available if you can read JAp[anese to know what to order.


(on a side note I read that the new Titan is getting a Hemi.)


I wish to god Nissan had made this!!!!! You guys know engines way better than me, did nissan make anything comparable that isn't modern? What is the meanest engine nissan made, pre FI?




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I think it's damn sexy actually lol, that yota is stripped to short block, the y44 would liike just about the same in that form. Don't get me wrong the yota is hot too but come on now....


.....thats just as sexy imo lol.


The y44 has found its way into s30's too.

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Nice shot, I hadn't seen that one. Looks way better. But dude you know it is all about the 'Hemi'ish valve covers on that YOTA!! Pure sex! And imagine the confused stares from the mopar guys a the next car meet!


But if I am being realistic, how would a 1958-59 210 handle either of these beasts. It would be all over the road. I'd prolly be better off with a carbed vg30, or even a sr or KA. I imagine anything would make that little bugger scream.


But it is all about the sound of those bigger engines. You just cant get it with a 4banger.


If I do ever track down a 58-59 I will have to start an engine poll!

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There was a JDM 6.3 Liter 388 cubic inch pushrod V8, engineered by Prince for the Japanese royal family.


It was designed and built prior to the 1966 takeover of Prince by Nissan. Wether it was designed around the Y block is unknown.


BTW the Nissan Y40 and Y44 is, I believe, based on the Ford Y block design '54 to '62 (cars) and '65 (trucks). Note the time Ford replaced this motor was about the same time Nissan/Prince started to build the Y40!!!

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Y44 is old design, low horsepower.

That Toyota hemi V8 looks awesome. Better than two TC fours!


That seems like a moot point to me. Ya the y44 is an old design. Whats the toyo hemi 3v we are talking about? New? Its less then a decade newer and over a liter smaller too in its original form, really think it makes that much more power if any at all? I don't.


Both are cool but I think the yoda to me is edging out the Nissan because I LOVE small v8s haha, 2.6L hemi v8? That's love to me. The Daimler is still my favorite old production tiny v8 though 2.5liter hemi. Ferrari 208 2 liter v8 is up there too alone with the alfa romeo T33 and its insane high comp mechanical injection 32 valve 2.0 v8 that makes an amazing 270 hp!!! All be it non mas production.


It does look way better with those valve covers though I cant deny lol.

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great, here i was dreaming of a 1uz on steroids





now i want a boat anchor that was never released here, cuz its vintage.





dam you, shipping is gonna take both my kidneys:D



Holy crap I popped wood on that pic for sure! Imagine that sticking out of a 1959 210!!!

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now i want a boat anchor that was never released here, cuz its vintage.


I know it is weird right, but it is true. I know there are more modern engines that would rock, but something about it being closer to the era of the vehicle make it seem worth it.


I think loving these odball jap cars makes us appreciate the oddball engines too. Even if you could get more performance, ease of part finding, etc out of a modern mill.

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the y44 engine looks like a knockoff off the buick 215/300/ rover v8. what years was the y44 engine made?


Ya It does, way more so then the ford imo. Based on looks anyway.


The 215/300 are wonderful motors too. 10.25:1 - 11:1 comp stock, the 3.5 made 200hp/250tq, The not to shabby for the make and time period.

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