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Lead filler and braising from factory?


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Got my five and dime soda blasted last Friday and discovered bondo and rust, which were expected, but also what appears to be lead filler. Bottom of the B-pillars, all 4-corners of the front and rear windshields, and lower corners of the Quarter window have the filler. The joints also appear to be braised together at the rear windshield and quarter windows. Anybody else noticed this before, if indeed it is factory. Car is a January 72' 2-Door.









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Its some hightech bondo that I don't know the name of. It hardens fucken fast and its hard to take off. It was used on my old mustang and its better than bondo for the reason that it is stronger and wont hold moisture. Supposedly they use it on more expensive cars...

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Actually, It's lead. These joints were leaded from the factory to cover up the welds that are under them. There is no reason to remove it unless there is rust under there. When I shaved my pillar vents I had problems with the lead melting from the welding heat.

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Thats what my dad and I thought, that it was factory. So I guess the braising is factory then too. Also found that the doors are braised where the "window frame" meets the top of the door.


Ron, who soda blasted my car, said that his friend who build old hot rods and muscle cars melts the lead out with a torch and fills the gap back in with bondo. Pretty sure I'm just gonna leave it alone.

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