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14 injector E85/gas fuel system


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The car has rough tune on the AEM EMS and is running on the 87 oct. fuel system until the motor is broken in. The smaller 240cc injectors definitely make a difference in idle quaility being able to maintain 14.8-14.7 in a warm idle condition. I need to sit down with my EFI guru and figure out which injector drivers from the AEM EMS should trigger the AEM injector driver and what configuration of drivers should be used ( there are "only" 10).


Once the injector driver and the E85 fuel system has a "street" tune the car will get some dyno time at Church's Automotive Testing to finalise the tune. I still have to figure out if I want to plumb the nitrous before taking it to the dyno or just "street" tuning it as it is just a full throttle tune and shouldn`t be more than a 50-60 hp shot.:)







The dual 044 Bosch pumps -8 feed lines from the fuel cell to -6 lines out of the pumps into a -6 to -10 "Y" fitting then a Aeromotive -10 filter , then -10 hose to the fuel rail.




The E85 fuel cell with -8 return.





The E85 fuel rail is center fed by a -10 line and uses two -6 returns to the regulator.






The two -6 returns from the E85 fuel rail supply two intake mounted Bosch 1600cc injectors before the regulator, which uses a -8 fuel line back to the fuel cell.





That's just the E85 side of things, the nitrous hard lines should really be fun.

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