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Is there a list...

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...of who to not buy from on eBay or other websites?

Been searching all over for just about any parts that I might need and wasn't sure if there was a list compiled yet?

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On ebay I just look at the sellers feed back. So far I have had no trouble with parts bought from several places there. Use your head and look out for no shiping amount listed and a very inexpensive price on the part. Ask the seller questions. For the most part they want to be fair.


Good luck

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Well , its not so much about feedback on eBay anymore(been burned plenty on there from my other hobby:mad:).

It seems some sellers state their items as fitting X amount of vehicles and I know that these parts are not for all of the vehicles they are stated as fitting(key word spamming maybe?).


Here's an example ,



Now how can this fit my '66 520 with a J13 and a 620 series truck which when stock should have an L series engine(correct?)?

Or am I confused?


If this seller is a member here , I'm not badmouthing them , just wondering how I can trust them if they don't even know what vehicles the parts will or wont fit.

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With ebay, you better know what your buying. If you go buy what the seller has in his listing only your probably not going to get what you need.


For engine parts and other hardparts I usually check rockauto.com or the local parts houses. I might even go to the dealer for pricing, they have had better pricing than anyone on a few parts I've bought in the past.


For instance...the correct timing chain for your truck is $48.89 on rock auto and comes with new cam and crank gears and a new tensioner.



Just a chain for $38 is not any sort of good buy IMHO. :)

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Most of the engines he listed are L-series. I would suspect that is what the chain is for.


Your question would be great to ask the seller. See what he says. :)


He may have added in the "520" fitment just because the 521 from 1970+ had the L16 and he thinks the 520 is the same.

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