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Datsun 521 truck Q's

Nismo Silvia

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I live in Colorado and got into Nissan's about 6 or 7 years ago when I bought my stock 240sx it has come alog way from being a tired old car. I've done all of the work myself and the car is just becoming a pain to drive everyday. I try to participate in as many drift events and NASA events driving or working both are fun.













So I bought the truck to be a daily/ drift support/ drift truck.



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Welcome! Always great to see another 521. I've seen a few that are the color of mine lately, it is like I am seeing siblings!


About the most I've seen for a 521 is a front airdam. One actually had '521' embossed into the plastic. But I've only seen one of those. I found some aftermarket NOS bumper guards for mine. But alot of folks would take them off, not put them on! I love them!!

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when mike said picture, I believe he meant more then one,. sshhhee :D


how about few more pictures of the 521 please, we do like lots of pictures


Welcome to Ratsun ur gona love it here...


when mike said foreplay it reminded me of this picture... nothing personal ;)



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Finally got the s14 black top swap for the truck $400 lol. Can't wait untill I get back from vacation to make it fit and wire it up. Need to make a gauge setup since manual spedo would not work it may but I think I will be able to go over 80mph lol.


If anyone has a 510fsm online I will need one also 510 fenders.

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