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620 history question

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my 76 620 truck has 3 tires on it that look very old school, they say bridgestone skyway-h on them, does anyone know what they came with from the factory, if theese are factory tires my litte truck may be real low mileage.


this truck was last on the road some time during 1988.

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They came from the factory with 6.00 X 14 tires with 6 ply rating. Tires haven't been rated like that in a long time. In fact in North Am it was changed to alpha numeric (E 70 14 for example) in 1970. Japan may have kept it into the '70s. The P-metric (175 70 R14 for example) was introduced in 1980.



I don't believe Bridgstones were on Nissan cars sold in North Am until well into the '80s. Very unlikely on the 620. Check the size it's probably marked in the newer (post '80s) metric system.

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bridgestone is A japaneese tire company!

online search after i posted shows the 240z shipped with a bridgestone tire called the skyway-h also japaneese motorcycles and bicycles had a tire with that name. google search shows sky way-h bridgestone tires were made in tokyo japan, and bridgestone has been in japan since 1931 and was founded there.





i will get the size off the tires, i already found they are bias ply not radial tires, so they must be old.

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