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1200 upgraded axle donors USA?


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The flange for the 1200 diff is only shared by the B310 diff.

Actually the 1200 and 1974 B210 uses the small flange.

The 1975-1978 B210 uses the large flange

The 1979-1982 B310 (210) uses the large flange


Small flange (H145): 36 x 50 mm bolt holes. 38mm inner circle

Large flange (H150 & H165): 45 x 54 mm. Inner circle 57 mm - was used by many Datsuns, including the new 510 wagon. Comes in round or square flanges but use same bolt pattern.


The old 510 wagon used an H190 I dunno what size flange it used.

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hate to bring up an old topic, i have been searching and i think i have a partial answer, but here goes.


 we have a stock 72 1200 coupe that we did a partial rear end rebuild (shocks, axle bearings and seals, bushings, and mikelotz/morrisuns metal bushing kit) but did not do anything with the center diff since we had a hard time finding parts like pinion seals etc and figured we'd get to it later.


 well now its later and starting to get some noise and thinking of doing a swap of either a whole new rear end, or just the center pumpkin if we can get away with that.

  currently in the middle of a rebuild of the a12, so no need for anything beefy, but looking to get to a h150 or h165, maybe h190 if we come across one and that seems do-able.


 two part question..if i can get a rear end from one of the following vehicles, 

    A - are there any that we could swap just the pumpkins? 

    B - if not, which would be best to change the whole rear end?


    74 b210 (still small flange but now h150....??) 78 or 80 510, 76 620, 81 720, 83 200sx, 80 310.


 understand that we may have to make it work as far as not a direct bolt in and front flange for driveshaft. not sure about width, we are running older libre's zero offset.


    thanks for the help.

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Maybe consider a Toyota 6.7 from a early Celica or Corolla.


If you want to think outside the box maybe research to see what comes in Cushman's and the like. I always thought the Cushman pumpkin looked pretty large for size of the rig they are in and might be common guts like a Dana etc.

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the cars i listed are at different pick and pulls pretty close to me and it is half off sale this weekend. i don't mind rebuilding whatever we get first, my son is doing the work and has a pretty cool auto shop teacher. we are not purists by any means, and do not need to have everything exactly stock, but do not need to go performance either.

   looking to be realistic with the easiest and somewhat cheap way to go. that's why i am looking to use the rest of the rear end parts we already replaced....

  there is also a roadster being parted out i may be able to use if that is an option as well.

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you can put an h150 center section in the stock 1200 housing, but you need the 2mm spacer, which if you want to do that get ahold of Morrisun, he had some made up, the stock 1200 axles will still work, the only thing is the driveline flange. which i don't remember off the top of my head which driveline to use b210 or 210.

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Ok, so we could go unbolt the center section from a used h150, pull it with all gears in it, get the needed bearings and seals to rebuild it, and put it right in the h145 we have with changed axle bearings and seals already and be good to go with a pretty much complete refreshed rear....

With the 2mm spacer and correct drive shaft flange of course...


Sorry of being redundant. Tend to over think things.....thanks.

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For my 1200 I will be throwing in a Dana 30 from a Volvo 140/240 series. Comes with disc brakes and gives the option for a locker. It is a little wider @ 1360mm 240 series, 1350mm 140 series.


Axle length reference here, under General, page 6.




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