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Found 3 results

  1. Hey folks, sorry for another wheel fitment thread, but I am searching around and don't see how wide or what offset one can go WITH flares? Lotsa info without flares. My 73 is already cut for flares by the PO and the fronts are flared. So I was thinking of running with it. -Stock front struts with coil overs and camber plates -Stock rear Reason I ask is a sweet deal came up on a staggered set of Panasports, and I know they won't fit my stock bodied/strut 510, but what about a flared car with bubble or BRE flares? (I am miles away from being ready for wheels on my 73, but it is a sweeeeeet deal.) Will these fit a flared car? (I am guessing by the lip they are ET +0) 14X8 +0 14X7 +0
  2. So this just happened. It is like a Revelle model kit we had as kids in that it looks pretty out of the box but there is some assembly required. I haven't gone through the inventory in the back, but it looks like it is mostly there. Plans are to get it running. Keep it stock. But maybe some ZX struts and dropblocks. And source some JDM wheels. I am sure I will be needing help figuring out what plugs into what and what connects where? Cause you know I am more visual than mechanical. But I know you cats can get me through anything. What’s been done: -Painted it- says it isn’t perfect Couple drips, some chips, but damn it looks pretty good. -New rubber in many places -All new Emblems -New tail lights. -Mostly restored front suspension including color matched strut springs. (Stock I believe) -Totally rebuilt engine, zero miles, (never started) polished and detailed. Stock L16, stock carb, stock dizzy, new coil. -Stock redone struts. No ZX swap yet. What needs to be done as far as I know: - A biggy is the headliner needs to be finished. It is half way in, but the windshield is out so it can be finished. I might farm this out, as I hear it can be a pain to do them. Hell it is half way done, how much could it cost to have someone finish it off? -The brakes need to be hooked back up, he has hard lines. But may be too pitted. I will need softlines. I think the brakes are stock. - Brake M/C needs rebuild or replace. - Engine needs to be finished hooking up and has not been started since rebuild. - Carb hooked back up (stockright now) - Need to install starter (he has it) -Windshield needs reinstall after headliner, but it is there. -No carpet, but that is easy enough. -I need a bottom seat cover for the driver seat. The rest of the interior looks great. One dash crack. -Gastank needs to be put back in. But it looks brand new. Probably need new filler hose. - Rradiator hoses needed. -Bumpers need reinstalled. -Muffler there but dangling and not hooked up What-cha guys think? Think the front wheels could be any skinnier? And though some work went into restoring the stock struts I think a ZX altitude adjustment and drop blocks may be in order.
  3. As I posted in a suspension thread yesterday, I was surprised to find out I bought some Datsun Competition Racing struts. Competition catalog Part # 54302-22030 and #54303-22030. In 'How to Hotrod and Race Your Datsun' it says that you need to use the whole kit. But no where can I find what the specs of the kit were? (Mine have had a coil over kit put on.) First of all what makes the competition strut housing different than stock? Is spindle angle the same, shorter, etc? For instance, in the parts list, by 'bumper assembly', do they mean bump steer spacers? I can find no photos of this setup.
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