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  1. Shakira

    New Owner Need Help please

    Did you ever verify if you have spark? Cause all this playing around with firing order wont mean much without spark. Even with the firing order being off it will still do something if the engine has fuel, air and spark. So dont jump too far ahead, back to the smoke thats not a great sign distributors are not supposed to smoke. This truck would not have points correct? It would be some kind of early electronic ignition like a 710? Someone correct me if I am wrong. Have you cranked the engine with the coil wire out of the coil and see if you have spark at the coil?
  2. Shakira

    Gauges on a budget

    Have you tried the LED replacements for the stock instrument bulbs yet? They help but I dont think the stock gauges are ever gonna be up to a newer cars standard. Ditto for the cable drive I plucked mine out of a Z31 and it works fine.
  3. Shakira

    Sh!ts and Giggles 510

    I like the top down shot :) good luck with the build.
  4. Shakira

    710 as seen at JCCS.

    %20tom-selleck%20by%20ShakiraIsabel,%20on%20Flickr"]http:// tom-selleck by ShakiraIsabel, on Flickr[/url] My name's Tom and I approve of these mustaches.
  5. Shakira

    who knows flat head fords?

    Did you try Napa? You may be surprised I used to get parts for a 32 Ford there.
  6. Shakira

    datsun 510 (too loud) tickets -___-

    Why not add a inline silencer of some sort? Just think of all the $$$ you could be spending on your car instead of giving it to the gubmint.
  7. Shakira

    610 street demon resurection

    Bonvo keep in mind the other issues that will pop up during a conversion to KA, SR, VG. Items such as wiring, fuel lines, and fuel pump, driveshaft, cooling, exhaust etc etc. it all adds up money and time wise before you blink you are six months into a conversion and it still does not run. Do as much homework as possible before you take the car apart and ask ask ask anything that comes to mind as far as questions go.
  8. Shakira

    Repairing welded rear doors/rockers

    Why not just seal the front doors up and roll Hazard style?
  9. Got to say the pics of this car made me sad :(
  10. Shakira

    4G63 510

    How do I become a baller? Is it someone who plays basketball?

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