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  1. rjrieth

    Project Chump Truck/Autocross Truck D21

    Don't worry Len, I'll be workin on my 510. All the z needs is money thrown at it, which probably isn't gonna happen for a while. I think we need to get your 510 ready for next month. It will be a good way to blow off harvest steam. I know that's all I'm going to be thinking of all harvest.
  2. rjrieth

    Regy's new 510 project

    Ok it has been a while since I've been on here but I have been working on my car. And my motor is pretty much done. It is an L20, closed chamber head, enough shaved off of it to bump it up to just over 10:1. New pistons, rings, and bearings. Copy of a nismo cam, 9000rpm valve springs, 3 angle valve job, cannon dual side draft intake, dual weber 40 dcoe carbs, head is ported to match the intake. I still need a Ka oil pimp and a header. Thanks very much to HRH. I'll get some pics up soon of the recent body work and some pics of the motor.
  3. That wouldn't work either. The rubber things would be sticking out sideways pressed up against the fenders. I'm just gonna hold out until I can if ever, find some jdm bumpers. As soon as I get two new tires i'll have some rims on it. They're slotted aluminum old skool muscle car lookin rims. The rears are 14x7 with a -15 offset and the fronts are 14x5 with a 0 offset i think. They'll look sick. I might have to run a little bit more negative camber in the front to get them to clear the fenders, even with some 165/55's, maybe a little fender rolling will be required. Updates coming.
  4. I'm a journeyman body man and if you don't have any experience that would not be the project to get it on. Your apron is wrinkled and your going to need a frame rack to straighten that properly. The fender looks like its now scrap. Bummer. i would collect on insurance if you had any or pay for a good body shop to fix it. Good luck.
  5. I've thought about trying to suck the bumpers up tighter. The problem though is that the fenders have recessed areas in them for the rubber bumper guards to fit into. If the bumper was pushed back they wouldn't fit those recessed areas and it would look kinda goofy i think. Now the jdm bumpers for this car are super clean and they sit nice and tucked into the body. I would love to find a set of those. I agree though it would look cleaner with the bumpers not protruding out so far.
  6. I scored this sweet Japanese classic a couple of weeks ago and thought it was time to start sharing. I'm using this as my daily driver and so far it has been a nice little reliable rig. Here are some pics for you guys. Hope you like it. I don't have any pictures of the car before I lowered it. But here are the first pictures. I lowered it in the front with cut rear 510 springs. They were a little smaller in diameter but fit the cups pretty good. I cut 2 coils out and also put in new shocks. The rear 510 springs had tighter and thicker coils than the stock corona ones. I think that lowered it over all in the front about 4 inches. In the rear I put in 3 inch blocks and some beefier U bolts. I'm missing a bumper light lense. If anyone has one or knows someone who might it would be greatly appreciated to PM me. Found some old 240z hub caps in our scrap pile. They look like they were made for this car. A little body damage on the valance and D/S fender. All straightened out.
  7. rjrieth

    71 1200

    Don't use the mazda engine! Blasphomy!
  8. rjrieth

    Regy's new 510 project

    I'll just stop by and grab those wheels sometime. Yeah that yoda is kicking my butt. I'll get another shot of the 510 from the other side. I haven't worked on that side since i was in college though so its not too impressive. I'll have to try and get up there to get those brakes too. Thanks for the info Len, and you don't need to put karen through any discomfort on my behalf lol! On another note i know its not a datsun but it is a rat so i thought i'd share a couple pictures of my new daily. Its a 1978 Toyota Corona wagon. I just lowered it 4 inches in the front and 3 in the back using cut 510 rear springs which were suprisingly beefier than the stock ones, and 3 in blocks with 1/2 inch U bolts in the back.
  9. rjrieth

    Damn fine 69

    That car is perfect as is! One of my favorite 510s of all time. I've taken a lot of inspiration from that car. Do what you will but i wouldn't change a thing if it were mine. Congrats on the nice score.
  10. rjrieth

    Regy's new 510 project

    Thank you
  11. rjrieth

    Regy's new 510 project

    Matt has 200sx rotors with 86 or 87 Maxima calipers I think is what he told me. (Correct me if i'm wrong Matt) I've heard of people running 280zx rears, and i think the rears brakes might still be on one of those 280zx's out at P&S. Also we need to work out a deal on those slotted aluminum wheels. I've searched both P&S's and craigslist for another set so we could have one wide set and one narrower set but had no luck. Get that exhaust jimmy rigged on there so you can get that thing out to the farm and I can pay for those struts.
  12. rjrieth

    Regy's new 510 project

    Thanks for the info. Yeah it looks like getting those brakes was a waste of time. bummer.
  13. rjrieth

    Regy's new 510 project

    You know whats funny Len? Dad and i went to pull and save that same day that you did and we were joking about running into you up there. And yesterday I picked up some 84 maxima rear discs and calipers. Hopefully I can make em work. And that is sweet that the motor is getting a 3 angle valve job.
  14. rjrieth

    Regy's new 510 project

    Started doing some body work on the 510. Thinking flat orange with white wheels. I'll probably change my mind a couple times by the time i get there. So here's a couple of more recent pics.
  15. rjrieth

    Regy's new 510 project

    That is a beautiful motor. Love the dual sidedrafts. Thanks for the info on the quality of the header. I might just have to get one,

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