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  1. [/url[/url spotted this laurel 2000GX on 580 this morning.
  2. Maybe her man driving it. I've meet the owner and have seen her and that car as years as I lived just a block from where she parks.
  3. Minus the paint and the wheels, everything listed in my ad has been done by me.
  4. This is my truck and I've never tried to trade it for anything until now. Had it for more than a couple of years.
  5. I passed a maroon 510 wagon sitting on the side of hwy 99 in Manteca today (about a mile from my house) and started looking for the owner. no one was around so I went on about my business and on my way home a couple hours later it was still there, I really wanted to help. Anyhow I started thinking about some sort of roadside assistance thread so that traveling datsuneer's could have a place to reach out to locals for tools, parts, tow or just give assistance in general. Any thoughts, does one already exist?
  6. Thanks for making great parts, cant wait to get my new front sump swaybar.
  7. I forgot, started in on some engine bay prep and got sidetracked.
  8. I guess I'm getting old because I can remember going to that tower records in san francisco as a kid with my dad.
  9. An old friend chris kontos( former drummer of machine head) playing with slayer doing a venom track.end of tour'96.
  10. The frointier one is not photo shopped,I remeber seeing it on cl a couple years ago. It was there for a long time and the chop top dosent help much either.
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