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  1. Reade Obern

    L320 and NL320 rear window gaskets

    Wayno, I'm interested in the windshield gasket rather than the rear, but would buy one rear if available.
  2. Reade Obern

    320 truck windshields and windshield gaskets

    Thank you Wayno for doing this windshield thing. Just so ya'll know what a good deal it is, I bought a 320 windshield off of ebay about 5 years ago for $450, and felt lucky to find it. Hey jeepnheart from Moses Lake, send me a pm if you want me to pick up your windshield in early January.
  3. Reade Obern

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    http://portland.craigslist.org/nco/cto/2684392073.html Pair of Datsun 320's. Sorry, no more room in my barn.
  4. Reade Obern

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    1963 L-320 for sale in Sacramento. I think I spotted a floor shifter in the pic so not original tranny maybe. Anyone wanting to save it? http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/2671873181.html
  5. Reade Obern

    Anyone want to buy new 320 vent window rubbers?

    I'd be interested in the vent windows. I'd need three sets. I try to collect sets of any hard to find parts available....I feel sorry for my heirs. I'd like three sets. Reade
  6. Reade Obern

    NL 320 tail lights

    I'm wanting the whole bezel and light, but I'd be willing to get the lenses and keep searching for the bezels. So I'm in for the lenses only if it's going to happen.
  7. Reade Obern

    NL 320 tail lights

  8. I've been instructed to reduce the herd. Two 1964 L320 pickups, $500 for the pair OBO. 1. Tan truck, no engine or tranny, someone cut out some of the firewall and and hood latch (have hood latch part). Everything else complete. Bed in exceptional rust free condition. Rockers good, but lower doors rusted. This truck is titled. Has non-stock wheels, but they have clearance problems. Cracked windshield. 2. Red Truck, Complete truck. Was originally in western washington, frame is rusty, bed is rusted out, body is okay but damaged front fender (passenger side). I'm told the engine ran two years ago, but gas tank rusted of course. Cracked windshield. The rear brake is frozen (don't set the parking brake if you intend on parking a rig for 20 years), so would need to winch onto trailer. No title for this one. My intention was to turn two trucks into one, but it seems I'll never get to it. $500 for the pair, or will separate ($400 for the red one, $300 for the tan one OBO). These need to be trailered of course. Located in Tri-Cities Washington. If interested email me for pics cause I can't figure out how to get pics on the forum.Email me
  9. I'd be interested in a couple of sets of the spacers. I know for sure my NL needs new inner bearings. Reade Obern five zero nine four nine two one five five five or email me readeo at clearwire.net
  10. Reade Obern

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/cto/2321392571.html Another 320 out of the weeds. No motor or trans. Good windshield? Grants Pass Ore.
  11. Reade Obern

    520, 521, 620, 710,and 320 Parts!

    Could someone let tdaaj know I'm trying to talk to him about the 320 windshields? thanks, Reade (509)492-1555
  12. Reade Obern

    520, 521, 620, 710,and 320 Parts!

    I need a windshield for my 64 nl320. I'm now realizing that findig the parts is more of a challenge than installing them. (509)492-1555 Reade.
  13. Reade Obern

    anyone want a project??

    Did you haul it off? Looks like some running gear stuff could be saved. Reade. Now there are two nl's in Tri-Cities.:)
  14. Reade Obern

    520, 521, 620, 710,and 320 Parts!

    I'd be very interested in a 320 windshield. I'm not sure how to contact you privately to talk. I'm in Tri-Cities Washington, so maybe could drive over. Reade Obern
  15. Reade Obern

    nl 320 conversion parts discussion

    The endless discussion on what other parts fit on a 320. I'm a newbie working on a 1964 nl320 that I just bought. PO stripped it for painting, rebuilt the motor, and I guess ran out of time. Now the search for parts. Ya'll know some parts just can't be found (rear brake drums, front inner wheel bearings). All of the chrome parts are in the bed. Has rusted out spots in the rear wheel wells and rocker panels (not too bad). P.O. made new tail lights out of lights from probably NAPA. I'll try and make this short front inner grease seals, do the seals off of a 620 work? (the inner bearings can work if a spacer is made....good idea!) Parts I need: windshield rear tail light assembly (I know.....good luck on these) front blinker lenses (I remember somone was making a batch out of their N.O.S., do you know if they are still being made?

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