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  1. Previous comments. Read harder. I, like Flat, know what proper English is.
  2. It is the newest color of that casting. That blue one was released probably 5 months ago or so.
  3. Just so you guys know, UPS delivers most mail and packages across states to individual USPS offices and then the post office delivers it the last bit to your house.
  4. I'm way too old to laugh at the word doodoo in text. But I did.
  5. "Fan Zone" cars Figaro interior
  6. Nice meeting you as well sir. Enjoyed watching you run around the track too. I have 1 picture of your car that I will post, with your permission. That was the most Datsuns I've ever seen in one place. Yeah, MM, I have a handful of pics too although probably not as many as you. I'll probably end up starting a flickr account since postimage is still screwed.
  7. There is a black one ^^^ https://www.amazon.com/Hot-Wheels-Galactic-Express/dp/B01MG8ZRFY Would post a pic but postimage is fucked right now.
  8. Motherfuckingfucker. Not insomniacs. I want my 30 minutes back.
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