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  1. damnitDave

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    I took a grip of shots from the show, let me know if I can shoot anybody pics https://www.flickr.com/photos/djerniganphoto/albums/72157696190564321
  2. damnitDave

    got another datsun

    I am about to pick up my old 1974 710 and was wondering if there was a deck lid still around?
  3. damnitDave

    Ratsun is Closing Down... ?

    i donated what i could,proud to help this community.thanks for everything you provide here!
  4. damnitDave

    F/S: 510 goodies ect.

    did anybody get that blue 710 in eugene?it was stock and straight.ive been trying to track it down. if i find anything i will pm you as well Skib.good luck!
  5. damnitDave

    Parting out 610 73 2 door coupe.

    how about the tranny,4 or 5 speed?ill take it if its a 5 speed
  6. damnitDave

    1967 411 project or parts

    sorry the car has been sold as a whole unit.thanks for the interest!
  7. http://www.buzzfeed....-totally-insane
  8. damnitDave

    Depth of Speed

    oh hay,i just reposted this on accident,lol
  9. damnitDave

    My Church/Depth of Speed:Datsun

    my bad,i even searched the title first
  10. had to share this http://vimeo.com/42180356
  11. damnitDave

    Canby 2012: Are we there yet?

    so whos coming through or from humboldt county?i will gladly pick up anybody on the 101/199/I-5 between fortuna and canby. on a side note:my 710 gets a fucking semi thinking about it
  12. damnitDave

    Not worth saving but beats getting crushed cars

    i have a 67 411 i was gonna zombie out,get it flush and then just scrape it to death
  13. damnitDave

    74' 710

    ive been having some maintenance issues and its been getting warmer here,so shes been in the shop. ive been taking some pics as i go. the rear wheel cylinder blew out and i lost my brakes last week,and this weekend i cut a coil off the front springs.i also scrapped 8 pounds of grease and dirt off the front end,lol.she will probably get an additional 1/2 coil later this week.i love the new stance and handling already. next up is strut inserts and front end bushings and paint the undercarriage.im ordering that stuff this week.im gunning to have her sea worthy for Canby. how she sat before how shes sitting now and a couple nice shots for you
  14. damnitDave

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    http://humboldt.craigslist.org/pts/3009323329.html half an hour or so from my place

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