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  1. Count us in, Lost Coast Datsuns will make a showing
  2. I took a grip of shots from the show, let me know if I can shoot anybody pics https://www.flickr.com/photos/djerniganphoto/albums/72157696190564321
  3. I am about to pick up my old 1974 710 and was wondering if there was a deck lid still around?
  4. i donated what i could,proud to help this community.thanks for everything you provide here!
  5. did anybody get that blue 710 in eugene?it was stock and straight.ive been trying to track it down. if i find anything i will pm you as well Skib.good luck!
  6. how about the tranny,4 or 5 speed?ill take it if its a 5 speed
  7. sorry the car has been sold as a whole unit.thanks for the interest!
  8. datsun pilgrimage 2012 commence in T minus : 3 hours and counting

  9. im leaving humboldt tomorrow around 12.any eureka/crecent city/grants pass fools need a ride?

  10. i havent seen my son in 4 years.we are meeting at Canby!

    1. Jayden71


      dammitDave, Thats sweet!!!!

    2. erichwaslike
    3. damnitDave


      yeah man it is.im excited!so is he.

  11. i havent seen my son in 4 years.we are meeting at Canby!

  12. leaving here on thursday,picking my son up on friday at the airport.saturday we get to spend at CAnby.first time ive seen him in 4 years.cheers Canby,cheers

  13. oh hay,i just reposted this on accident,lol
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