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  1. Cliff D

    dash color

    Thank you. My original dash was brown and a second dash I had was also brown, but my truck was white.
  2. Cliff D

    dash color

    Hello, I was wondering if any 65 l320 dashes were painted the same color as the body or were they all the brown color? Thanks, Cliff
  3. Cliff D

    320 paint code

    Hello, I'm looking for the white paint code for a 1965 l320. Thank you Cliff
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a set of bumpers for sale for a 67 pl411. Thank You
  5. Thank you for looking.
  6. Hello Wayno, I was wondering if you would be interested in selling these buckets. If so let me know how much you would want. Sincerely, Cliff
  7. Hello Wayno, I really appreciate you posting these for me. This will help me get my truck back to stock. Sincerely yours, Cliff
  8. Hello does anyone have a photo of the taillight buckets without the taillight installed? I need to fabricate new one and would appreciate any help. Thank you, Cliff
  9. Hello, Who would I contact for a set of wing window rubber?
  10. Cliff D

    center link ends?

    does anyone know a good part number for the tie rod ends for the center link. the ones i got from NAPA had too large an internal threads. Thank you. Cliff
  11. Cliff D

    Suspension rubber

    Seems like this would be a pretty simple question to answer.
  12. Cliff D

    Suspension rubber

    Hello, I'm trying to replace all the rubber on the front suspension. Are the parts the same up through the 620? Thanks, Cliff
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