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    Dirt biking, Collecting and restoring cars and motorcycles, Pick a part
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  1. any progress??? thanks for the help on the parts info... mines coming along well.
  2. oldjunker

    My '72 1200

    i've got vectors on my 73 rx3 and they look great with the original orange paint, just like the general lee. will post a pic when i figure that out
  3. I just put a call into Hetty and will find out about the windshield for my 58 210. I live in socal and he's local so he'll be able to come to me for the job according to his assistant that i just spoke with. Hopefully i can get a few made up for anyone looking for a windshield. Got my fingers crossed...
  4. oldjunker

    1200 Hayabusa

    if my 58 was'nt so original i would definately consider a transplant like this. I'm just thinking the counter gear only drives the chain to the rear tire on a bike which is very little wieght and low resistence, as apposed to connecting the counter gear to a driveshaft to a gearbox to a rearend. Just wonder if the busa tranny will hold up over time.
  5. oldjunker

    1200 Hayabusa

    This looks interesting. I don't think the weight your making that poor motor move is going to be good for wear and longevity on the hardparts. Does the close ratios of the motorcycle gearbox pull the car well or are you just shifting all the time with little range per gear? It was hard to tell if the car was pulling hard in the drivebye video. Any idea how fast the car is 0-60 and 0-100. Hope this does'nt sound critical afterall. Looks like a hellofa fun ride.
  6. very nice work on your 510. it's definately inspiring me to get my roadrace dime back under way. i've got a similar rollcage with 280 brakes and koni coilovers on all 4 corners with bubble flares and 13x7 libras. i picked up a 4 port turbo 13b rotary and need to make that fit. just takes time...
  7. hi, looking to buy a set of stickshift pedals with all brackets for my 510. please pm me with a price. thanks
  8. any idea if this carb setup will fit in a l320?
  9. nice set, i'm interested. i'll contact you later today.
  10. do you have any for 320's mine are thin with pinholes.
  11. the dish on the wheels are sweet
  12. very nice!! the steelies are hot.
  13. hi, i'm interested in the passenger door if the metal is straight. mine has a gallon of bondo in it. thanks..
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