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  1. Still got the front brackets?
  2. Still got the front brackets?
  3. unseen

    disc on rear for 510

    Hey guys, anyone know of front brackets for 280z front calipers for 1972 510 struts? Thanks :)
  4. unseen

    San Diego Meet - North County

    Damn, a day late & a dollar short :)
  5. unseen

    1972 1/4 windows - wanted

    I need glass & rubber. Have the frames.. thank you
  6. unseen

    New "hands on" Datsun Group

    Thanks for having us over chris! R180 diff install Rpowell & socaldatsun & oldschool80'sguy cars pictured abovs
  7. unseen

    my little brothers 521 restoration project

    Thanks skyblue!
  8. unseen

    my little brothers 521 restoration project

    I have the lowering blocks... But shes up for sale! Too many projects
  9. unseen

    pic of your dime

  10. unseen

    Almost lost my finger from my KA

    Dammmmmmm is right! I feel you i severed my thumb tendon! Yikes! 5 yeats later. Doing fine detail work no problem, i was told i couldnt do 1/10 th of my daily! Western medicine can save ur ass sometimes, but dont end up in the slammer from drinkin w open tendons & prescription bottle.... experience is the best teacher! Hhahaha I have quite a bit of scar tissue that restricts my mocement. I might get thr follow up surgery to have that removed... anyone else have scar tissue surgery removed from youfrhand?
  11. Pm me please if u have an xtra set Thx
  12. unseen

    my little brothers 521 restoration project

    Ready to go :)

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