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  1. I need an L series engine guys. One in good condition that is complete. Please and thank you. I'm from San Diego and local pick up would be best!
  2. Michael.flee92

    Datsun parts for sale. Mostly 510

    Where are you located?
  3. Michael.flee92

    l16 valve cover forsale 25.00

    Selling this L16 Valve Cover that came out of my 72 Datsun 510 4 dr. Its in good Condition it could just use a little cleaning. It comes with the Original Elephant Oil gas cap too. Let me know if you're intersested. Im located in San diego CA. Willing to Ship at buyers Expense. Thanks for looking 25.00$
  4. Michael.flee92

    Stock 510 crossmember, sway bar and a JDM pelican case 0.o

    Bump. New Prices. Someone somewhere needs these... lol Help me get rid of it please and thank you. By the way its in SOCAL So if anyones local then i can cut them a deal.
  5. Michael.flee92

    Stock 510 crossmember, sway bar and a JDM pelican case 0.o

    Yes sir it is! I'm an idiot and im about to edit my post right now to include year lol thanks for that.
  6. I have a stock crossmember (72 4 Door) in good condition. Pulled it out to do a ka swap and i ended up buy another one already flipped so no need for this one. it has been cleaned up a lil bit, but could use some more TLC to look great. 50.00 OBO. NEW PRICE: 25.00+S/H I have the stock sway bar ( Same as Above) as well, and again... with the ka swap it is not needed by me anymore. Its in Good condition and could use a clean up and maybe some paint then its good to go. asking 25.00 NEW PRICE: 15.00+S/H And then theres my very special Pelican case :P this thing has never even had anything put in it. All i've done to it is let it sit around, collect dust, has a few scratches nothing major (its a PELICAN case lol) and it has a few JDM stickers on it from JCCS and other places. It has Rolling wheels, pressure release button, lock holes for a pad lock, NO foam, Sweet Stickers, a pull out handle, it is Carry-on Friendly and did i mention the sweet stickers? Asking 100.00 OBO SOLD All Prices do not include shipping and will be shipped at the buyers expense. Oh Sway bar and Crossmember as a deal: 65.00+shipping 35.00 +s/h All three?: 160.00+shipping * Sorry no pics of the sway bar yet. will upload asap or PM for more info/ pics. PM's are most welcomed! And a pic of my rebuilt engine: BOOM!
  7. Michael.flee92

    LCA pins...

    Does anyone know how to take these out?
  8. Michael.flee92

    1" bump steer spacers for 510***SOLD OUT***

    How much shipped to 92124?
  9. Michael.flee92

    72 datsun 510 paint.

    Wow thats awesome thanks!
  10. Michael.flee92

    72 datsun 510 paint.

    Awesome thanks for the reply! But i would still like to know if it contains lead lol or anything else i should know about. I thank you for the insight tho.
  11. Michael.flee92

    72 datsun 510 paint.

    Does anyone know if the paint used to spray these dimes of ours were lead based?
  12. Michael.flee92

    Can/am box for 510 KA/SR swap WTT for SR20 parts

    Ha this guys an idiot^^ the number is up top :P
  13. Michael.flee92

    Can/am box for 510 KA/SR swap WTT for SR20 parts

    If only i knew his number lol
  14. Michael.flee92

    Can/am box for 510 KA/SR swap WTT for SR20 parts

    100 hundred shipped to san diego 92124?

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