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  1. kerleybird

    Gwendolyn the 510

    Hey no worries thanks for looking anyways !
  2. kerleybird

    Gwendolyn the 510

  3. kerleybird

    Gwendolyn the 510

    Lol wtf. I dont understand internet haha
  4. kerleybird

    Gwendolyn the 510

    Need driver side https://imgur.com/gallery/HYb6t
  5. kerleybird

    Gwendolyn the 510

    Sick draker! See if I can post what I need one sec..
  6. kerleybird

    Gwendolyn the 510

    Ha thanks for the heads up! I thought as much and was wondering if it was just me that was seeing that haha ok well I seen some posts from flikr? Does that seem to work?
  7. kerleybird

    Gwendolyn the 510

  8. kerleybird

    Gwendolyn the 510

    Well its been a bit went to Canby havent posted . 521 will soon be in someone else's arms . bought my 620 back. If I lot has happened now I'm thinking of a ka24de swap on my 510 any advice is much needed although not expected as I'm sure most of you will direct me to the search option lol. Either way I'm glad to be back! And browsing the infinite information you all provide. Thank you for that! Also if anyone has a drivers side taillight for a 1979 b210 wagon that would be awesome! Just let me know the details and I'm sure we can figure something out! Thanks Hopefully I haven't missed to much!
  9. kerleybird

    Chocolate covered circus peanut

    So much wiiiiiiiiiiiin!! Congrats man! That UTE too.. Oooooooooh
  10. kerleybird

    Build thread for motivation....

    So much win!! Keep it up!
  11. kerleybird

    '70 4 door Perfect Patina

    Indeed OICS are good! speaking of good car looks awesome man!
  12. kerleybird

    Datsunville Swede Light khaki War Pig

    Niiiiiiiiice! Congrats!
  13. kerleybird

    pic of your dime

    Doin it the Datsun way! Merry x mas!
  14. kerleybird

    Gwendolyn the 510

    Dude that would be savage I will definitely let you know ! I pulled the bench someone wrapped it in carpet lol like wtf. Lol and no worries man my thread can be whatever! As long as it's not insomniacs haha Merry x MAS to you all yo!
  15. kerleybird

    Gwendolyn the 510

    Honestly it is just kind of Parked right now lol but that will change soon! Need to get me some Longchamps for the 510 then I'll be satisfied for a bit haha but thanks always good to hear!

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