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  1. sway bars are in any one who wants one or five give me a call tredspeed 408 627 2209
  2. sway bars are in and i am just waiting on bushings if you are interested or want one call me at 408 627 2209 or email me at tredspeed@gmail.com
  3. unlimited funds no way i would go ca they stopped making it for a reason lol 2010 camaro v6 all the way gas milage and 300hp stock with a six speed and its 60deg so equal hedders and no firewall cuts unless you are me and want to move it way back ohhh and its all aluminum ahh hell i was gonna keep that one a secret for me doh
  4. i have done a few full and partial tube frame cars lots of cages and a ton of engine swaps give me a call if you want or pm me for contact info i love talking out big projects banzi510: its funny you say ratsun guys are not willing or dont have the money i just had someone tell me the other day on here that lots of ratsun guys have money and do it right i just find humor in the fact that some people on here are all about the best on there car and others are all about keeping there l16 with 5psi compression running it shows how this fourm takes all kinds and doesent pick on them rare in the online community lol
  5. s13 suspension aluminum or carbon drive shaft triple rotor new cage stainless 3inch exhaust power rack carbon door skins and fenders, quarter panels, hood, trunk tube front end 350z track brakes lots of rubber and probably do a full tube frame and motec haltech sucks by comparison i wish i had unlimited funds lol
  6. i used to buy whole s13 de swaps for like 650
  7. i have jigs for s13 mounts also if you dont want to run 620 mounts flipped is better looking in my opinion
  8. there 10 stuff hangs low and has to run spacers with the swaybar there intercooler for a 510 is a blank core with cast 90s welded to the ends
  9. no they are not adjustable i will get some pics up later the only setup they have not worked on is the mckiny cross member then they changed there jigs to work with our bar they will for sure work with a stock flipped cross member
  10. very true i was just thinking that the ratsun cup of tea was cheaper the better for the most part i can make a griffin look like a ron davis but it more then 30 -40 bucks worth of my time i think i will use these in my installs from now on
  11. i sell a cross member setup fro s13 mounts no spacers and stock brackets thats my preference if you are going to run an external do yourself a favor and ru a surge tank pedal is easy as stated above but cut off the stop and use your stock 510 one its adjustable good luck
  12. i think what jesusno2 means is that mount holes to the body are at an angle you will have to slot them and realign your car but yes you can do it that way and at the same time rase them an inch to fix bump steer
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