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  1. After Grahem removed the rear bumper I cleaned up the backs of the bumperettes, primed and painted then black. Hopefully Thursday we can get back to it and install the driveshaft, Un mask the bumperettes and install, and re wire the tail lights.
  2. Grahem also installed a stock Datsun Tach in my truck for me rather than the aftermarket one I had mounted to the dash!! I will post more progress as we get there!! Plans for the truck: Alignment Bumperettes New Seats from a Chevy Sprint Center console Floor repairs And I am sure much more will come up ! Find clean set of doors - strip, straighten, primer and paint Paint tailgate and hood Straighten rest of body and box Clean frame and paint Prime body and box PAINT!!
  3. While waiting for primer to dry on the driveshaft I started taking my new taillights apart to scuff and clear coat them to prevent them from rusting out.
  4. As I was working on that Grahem helped me by removing the old rear bumper in preparation for the bumperettes I have.
  5. First off we pulled the driveshaft to replace the rubber "grommet thing" so then of course I cleaned it up and painted it
  6. This summer has been the first time in a long time that I have been able to work on and drive my truck! Finally some much needed progress on my project!
  7. Neither of us won anything but my truck got on the news!!! so my guess is that I won!!!
  8. Are you still selling these rads? I need a new rad for my truck and the parts stores around here can't get them anymore
  9. Where are your updates on your car?? i have an excuse i was in school!!! lol
  10. Laura11

    rusty old kc

    It's funny because i got him the shifter knob as a gift
  11. oh and the reason i am getting the new rockers is.... drivers side passenger side
  12. here are some updated photos of my truck... haven't had to much time to work on it but i am doing what i can. finished tailgate finally! stripped the back side, after primer and paint it will be getting a sheet metal or checker plate skin. started stripping the hood of the old paint the hood got quite a few skims of putty, but the last one had to get taken off as it was flaking because it got to cold and didnt cure some of the new parts that are going into my truck eventually. my shiny front bumper my new from Thailand rockers The third rim is fina
  13. its definitely a lot of work but way worth it as now they have a protector polish on them
  14. Yeah I have been working on it slowly, but since i started school in September i havent had much time. I have pictures of my progress i will post them soon.
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