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  1. oakrun

    My 1975 Datsun 280z

    Thats pretty amazing condition considering the heat, humidity and strong typhoons you get there. Hope you've got a garage to keep it in. Would love to see a picture of the one in the Nissan showroom. If I ran an a/c in my garage 24/7 i would hate to see my electric bill. usps flat rate shipping boxes are great for heavy parts from the mainland usa.
  2. oakrun

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    Apologies, to all. Didn't see the no politics
  3. oakrun

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    A Vegan woman in Georgia was arrested for taking out her anger on the world of meat by slamming her car into a truck carrying chicken. The woman was identified as 26-year-old Judith Moriah Armstrong. Police were able to track her down, but she refused to leave her house until they produced a warrant. She did, however, speak to them through different windows in the house After originally telling police it was an accident, she admitted to hitting the truck on purpose. She claimed she did it because she was a vegan. The driver of the truck says she hit the truck once from the side and then rammed it again after he slammed the breaks, causing his truck to spin out. The driver called 911 to report the color of the car, but Armstrong had already fled the scene. Armstrong claimed to be sober when the incident occurred but admitted to taking “a couple of shots” when she got home. Police tested her blood-alcohol level at the jail and she blew a .089, which is higher than the legal limit. Any drunken vegan or chicken jokes? Was she too chicken to stay at the scene of the accident? Something is a fowl here. I bet someone egged her on as she crossed the road to hit that truck.. Did she overdose on Ranch Dressing? I'll bet you $100 she voted for Hillary. Yes, I'm being serious. I will also be you she starts every sentence with the word"like" Isn't this the kind of thing that goes on in Portland, Seattle or Marin county?
  4. oakrun

    got my 240z and got my ratsun account

    Yep, plastic vents are missing. Easy to find on ebay. Oil pan gasket is toast and probably the rear crank seal. Yep rotted TC rod bushings. I replaced the TC rod bushings with the hard poly and learned the hard way that its better to put the stock softer rubber bushings in. That york compressor you've got is an aftermarket a/c probably added at the dealer. Cars that original are getting harder to find. Last registered is 94 yow! Did the car have a story behind why it was parked that long? After cleaning it up that car could probably bring good $ from an overseas buyer. You've got the right idea keeping it as stock as possible. What's the story on that datsun truck you've got in your picture folder? Looks like another stored in garage 20+ years finds.
  5. oakrun

    New to Ratsun Z Car

    Really like those wheels. The rota's and panasports are cool, but it seems like everyone, myself included, has them nowdays.
  6. oakrun

    Car Porn

    Nissan S20
  7. oakrun

    New forum member, new to me 720

    Whoa, rust in the bed seam but it's got a camper shell? Guess he didn't have it on most of the time. Too bad. I always like those kind of camper shells on that generation of truck. You did really well on the price for that. Take an oil can and squirt some oil inside that bed seam to slow that rust down.
  8. oakrun

    Truck Porn

    2.7 litre Diesel camper from japan. Notice the datsun stencil in the rear. 5 speed column shift, very unusual vehicle
  9. You're just walking along minding your own business and all of a sudden you stumble upon this scene. What to do next? Take a picture or....
  10. how long did you drive it to the smog inspection station? if it's close by, your engine needs more time to warm up + everything said above

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