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  1. Which electric pumps people using on the l-series
  2. Zzzz is a 240,260,280z.. I know the benefit of independent axles are better control but what are the pros and conform the two. Being solid axles and slip (if that's the correct term for that)..
  3. I tried the second bearing today it magically seem to fit lol... Great!!!! Now in the future... I know the Zzz have half shafts which have u-joints.. Does this replace having to do wheel bearings.. Replacing u-joints are a hella easier lol...
  4. The box says RW114R.. Is the 510 sedans axle larger? I'll measure mine in a few.. As soon as I can get some space :). I'm working on it in the parking lot.
  5. No the serial numbers on the part do not match the box but I ordered two to do both sides. I can not image they gave me the wrong bearing twice :). That is the old bearing with the serial number. Inner= B32 6A C5 Outer=B32 6Aq C5 Here is the new one: 6306B/32 C4
  6. Laecaon, I was actually able to keep the collar on the 1st axle... I have even touch the other side yet lol. I trying to do it one side at a time. Autozone is exactly where I got mine from online. In the event I can not get the other collar of where do I get one. The problem still remains it slide down far enough :).. I'll try to flip around the bearing and see if that makes a difference. Both sides seem to be the same to me I don't see much of a difference from one to the other.
  7. I have Timken bearing. I even watch this YouTube clipping here: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UPH1JZ2vXcg To get an idea of how's it done.. Which his bearing makes it down to the lip on the axle (the sliver part).
  8. Ok so how do I resolve my problem because the wagon bearings are no sliding down far enough..
  9. I don't understand what your saying? I meant thick not think..
  10. Is there anyway to look up serial number an the bearings? I got this off of it (b32 6a c5) on the inner collar and this on outer collar (b32 6aq1 C5). The bearings that I bought just sit up to high to be the right ones.. The axle is to thick. :(
  11. Interesting well I took it up to the dealership and he was like it's sitting to high up. I told him to try it knowing it needed to be pressed on. How ever when I was looking at the bearing I'm starting to think it's the wrong bearing because only one side had a gasket on it but the other side you could see the bearings (or metal tied balls).. It didn't seem to have a large enough inner collar to slide further on the axle.
  12. I got this wheel bearing rw114r..
  13. Question I had a bearing pressed on and it shatter into pieces :( I have a wagon. I got rear wheel bearings for my '71 510 wagon. What gives? Is it possible I have axles off of another car?
  14. How are the rear bearing done? I've tried YouTube but have not been successful with that method.
  15. Wow thanks Datzenmike for all those details but will this apply for both rear and front? I notice someone mentioned the rear bearings were harder to do.
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