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    72 Datsun 521 truck, 66 520, 67 520, 68 520 trucks 73 B110
  1. skalpem

    Dash lights

    Replaced fuse and tail lights work and one dash light came on. Fuse looked good but must have been blown . Tested all dash bulbs and all light up, just not when installed in dash. Thanks
  2. skalpem

    Dash lights

    1) yes, 4 way flasher only works on left side 2) No, tail lights do not come on in first position 3) No, tail lights do not come on and stay on with the headlights in 2nd position
  3. skalpem

    Dash lights

    Yes, a newbie here. Let me start off by saying I have read most, if not all, the threads related to my problem and am still stuck. I have 1972 521 with partial working dash lights. The red ignition light works when I turn the key one click, then the light turns off when the truck starts.The left and right turn-signal lights on the dash match the flash of the outside turn signal lights. The headlights work low and high, and the red light to indicate brights are on works. When the the hazard light switch is pulled, only the left side flashes on the dash and on the truck (confusing!). The fuel and temp gauges work. The problem is I have no instrument lights working to drive at night. I have cleaned the all contacts; I checked all bulbs, fuses, and relays, and all are working. I also looked for dead spots on back of dash panel.
  4. skalpem

    August 2nd BBQ at Jrocks shop (Sunday)

    This Chief is no one's sidekick! And shay whitey (Archie Bunker/bananahamuck) can suck it! Trina and Skalpem will be there. :thumbup:
  5. skalpem

    optima battery "box" for sale

    I'll take the battery box,if still for sale? Nelson
  6. skalpem

    68 520/521 parts

    This truck is rust bucket,the clutch and brake cylinders are there but don't know how functional??
  7. skalpem

    68 520/521 parts

    Hey Keith I have a corner marker, but not the best (right) no emblems no sun visors no jack one hub cap but not the best no chains
  8. skalpem

    68 520/521 parts

    Hey your valance and bumper are in better shape than the stuff i have.
  9. skalpem

    68 520/521 parts

    Hey guys, I'm not smart enough to figure out how to post pics:angry:. If you send me your email, I will send you the pics I have of my 1968 Datsun pickup.
  10. skalpem

    68 520/521 parts

    Hey So I picked up the 68 520 for parts to finish my 521 project.I took out the dash and shifter, but the rest is there. Let me know what parts people need and I'll gladly sell them.This truck is a parts truck only, no good sheet metal.

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