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  1. I can get 4 barrel z24 intakes custom made here in Miami for $450.... Finding an offenhauser is next to impossible... Let me know if Ur interested..... Shoot, shoot
  2. BTW.... Do u have any spare parts u might wanna trade for a set of wires?


    z24 cam choice

    If you havent already decided on your cam or parts choice I can help. Ive been running schnieder cams for 20 yrs now and help alot of frinds and family with their cam and ignition choices. The truck on the left is my brother Carlos' truck running a cam with my specs and ignition. Let me know if u need anything. Peace.
  4. Ive seen many of your posts online and have much respect....but I have to ask....whats with all the childish and negative comments that many users here have against my post on my wires? Is it too difficult to just not say anything if you have nothing positive to say? I mean these are grown ass men acting and commenting like 6 year olds! One member (gcmustang) asked me to donate to his proj...

  5. Congratulations on your smart ass childish remarks helping to get my post locked. Now stay away from your keyboard and get up and actually do somethong productive today. Bettet yet do us all a favor and dont even get out of bed!

  6. "worst attempts at selling anything" Tell that to gcmustang. Hes getting 5 for free. Again I came here to try and help fellow Datsun owners. Congrats to gcmustang!
  7. Youre ABSOLUTELY correct...you DON'T know how to respond. Thats what created this nonsense you started to begin with. Funny thing is I just agreed to donate 5 wires to gcmustang's project all he does is pay for shipping. So, it's either you talk junk and get junk in return or you communicate like an adult and come to a reasonable agreement to where both parties are happy. "I have to option the latter on this".
  8. I just dont understand what all the silly comments are about (and there have been ALOT of them)...Dudes asking me about "girlfriends,wives or friend"....all that for a pic? If you DONT want the wires, thats fine, no worries. But the silly comments? Stop already. "in before the lock" what for? I didn't start or ask or post any silly remarks to ANYONE who didn't do it to me first. People have to be careful of whay they say to others cuz once it leaves your mouth you can't take it back..... And you never know what the other person will say in return. Fact is I only came here to try the word and help fellow datsun fans save money and get a good product as compared to the big "brand name" guys .
  9. Thats what the vids were for.... apparently my 2 truck vids running my wires isn't enough for you. I really don't know what a pic will do for you but since you're using your big boy voice in your post...I'll get you a pic of my "crap" smarty pants. Hope the pics help you grow up.
  10. Enjoy those ngk's....lol. Those were the wires that came with my truck when I bought it last year and prevented me from making full throttle runs with my new carb and intake. How ironic.
  11. No "marketing schemes" here my friend..... I dont have time for that nonsense. I barely have time for this. :rolleyes:
  12. Ok, let me try this one more time. You DONT need to purchase any other additional parts. I put my time, research, sweat & desire into these wires so that we DONT have to buy an "additional performance ignition module". Ive incorporated that piece into the wire already so that 99% of us DONT have to purchase anything else, thats what makes them (imho) better and cost effective. Those who run extreme boost (above 25 lbs) or maybe big shots of nitrous (150-175 and above) my wires "might" not be for you. I have used them on my 12 sec. '98 frontier (vid proof in on youtube) with a 135 shot of nitrous on many occasions without any problems whatsoever.
  13. And I wanna see Jesus...lol... Anyway, did you get dyno sheets from the "brand name" companies that YOU purchased your plug wires from? If so then I would like to see proof. Come to Florida with YOUR plug wires and dyno sheet my friend AND your vehicle and "brand name" wires and I'll provide MY wires and lets get it on.... Then put YOUR vehicle on the dyno and we'll see who spent more money for less performace. Otherwise, nice try .... Aaaaahhhh the beauty of being behind a computer and making comments without any credit or "dyno sheets"
  14. No problem, only trying to help, thanx.
  15. Why would you care if my tach doesnt work or if my temp guage reads cold or if Im wearing foot wear? If it bothers you that much fix it... thats not what I posted the vid for. Besides, WHY ASK WHY? Pay attention! 1, My Engine (not motor, motors are electrical devices) is in fact stock from bumper to bumper except for the Carb and Intake manifold, obviousl. 2, If you would like to buy the "brand name" wires and put them up against mine on a dyno down here in Florida... Hey, Im ready, willing and waiting. 3, I have again in fact have been "researching and engineering" (as you say) my wires in my spare time with the help of Michael Faraday and Nikola Tesla's work for the better part 1 year and first used them on my 12 second '98 Frontier which was also stock from bumper to bumper except for Nitrous and my plug wires. 4, MY POINT IS, Im just trying to help out my fellow Datsun/Nissan owners with a great product at a great price/value as compared to the big "brand name" guys! 5, The last time (about 6 years ago) I bought MSD,ACCEL,MALLORY,ECT...type of ignition components it cost me over $450 dollars! Example: MSD 6 = $340.00. (1 intake 1 exhaust) MSD wires = $80.00. Iridium plugs = $45.00 ( per 8) give or take per Manufacturer and engine type. Total = $465.00 or $295 if you purchase only 1 MSD 6 6, My components, Wires Approx. $10.00 each. times 10 pcs. for a naps z engine = $100.00 Spark plugs = $45.00 Total for my complete kit = $145.00 7, Both Mine and the "brand name" will perform...except mine will cost you anywhere from $320.00 to $150.00 less! So again back to "my point" why pay more?
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