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  1. goonfan

    Goonfan's 72' 240Z Resurrection build

    Shit. Finally can log in from my phone! So my crane fire box is okay. I'm just an idiot. I came real damn close to starting her but she just wouldn't fire. It would only make bog fart noises, I thought she might have been 180 out but I got the same results. So I'm gonna try to get her going again this weekend, I'll pull the cover make sure she is timed correctly. I may drain the fuel tank as well, the gas is a year old and my motor is 11.75:1 so I'm wondering if that's giving me fits.
  2. goonfan

    Goonfan's 72' 240Z Resurrection build

    Quick update. Only got to work her for a few hours today. I put the new pulley on, it was a bitch, made me think I must have got inpatient and broke my old one, doh! Got the pan in, those bolts next to the header are a PITFA to get back in, still think it's faster than pulling the motor. Put the cheapest oil I could buy in. I also bought full syn and have a K&N that will go in after I run it a bit in the driveway. Think my Crane XR3000 fire box may be dead.....It's not firing and the little red light won't come on. I'll try to take ot the Crane and wire in my 280ZX dizzy w/ matchbox. If I'm lucky maybe I can fire her tonight, idk though, can't be up too late.
  3. goonfan

    Sightings 2, the not a datsun but... Thread

    Saw this on the way to work a couple weeks back, right on Kitsap Way. I was kinda surprised, I saw a W12 in Poulsbo once. Oh and Friday I saw a red Tesla model S in Port Townsend. It actually kinda sucked in person, online pics make them look like pure sex.
  4. goonfan


    Saw this in Port Townsend on Friday
  5. goonfan

    Goonfan's 72' 240Z Resurrection build

    Haven't done shit..... Women. I did pull a spare dizzy, it looks like I'll be running a stock pulley for a while. I'm going to have to re-wire in a few things to fit the new dizzy in. I'm not sure what I'll have to do quite yet. I need to take out my crane fire box, the problem is I'll have to trace a few wires and possibly run some new ones. Another issue is the advance on the dizzy, I have to find a port, nothing on my Z needs vaccum so I don't have anything to tap into. I'll have to get some fittings to tap into the mani. It's gonna be a bitch putting the pan back on, I didn't pull the motor to get out the pan. Besides putting air in the tires that should be it, I'll need to get my hands on some kind of compressor...... or maybe I can use my argon? Hmmmm Anyway gonna watch some UFC!
  6. goonfan

    Mike's KAZ23

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm jealous! If you go KA head you think you might solve that low CR with a turbo?
  7. goonfan

    What kind of racing do you guys like?

    ^^This. I'm gonna start calling it cheesen', cause it's fun to do. lol
  8. goonfan

    Help Identify this Crank Pulley

    That's what I'm starting to think too, not finding a stock option at the JY today. I pulled my 280zx dizzy off of my series one (still have the points of course) as a back up plan just in case. I think I'm stuck looking for a single groove, kinda sucks because they are not cheap. Thanks for the link, I'll keep it mind for the future but nobody is rebuilding this.
  9. I have a single grove for a 280z, don't want to buy another single groove (want this done today) so I need a factory solution. The old pulley worked but I don't know what it came off of, that's the pulley I need help identifying. Here's the pulley I have now. It's garbage or I would just get those bolts out. See those 2 bolts sheared off in those bosses? I need those bosses, I can't fire my dizzy without them if I can't mount my drive gear.
  10. goonfan

    Oil Filter Comparison

    Like I said it doesn't make sense, lol. Well actually it can, I've seen oil reports on gassers with 40k miles running the same oil without a change.
  11. goonfan

    Oil Filter Comparison

    Always love filter comparisons. Gonna throw in my $0.02.... I spend a lot of time on diesel boards and it has really changed my view of filters over the years. Basically everything I use is paper, no cheap shit or hyped up crap. For my VW's I only use Mann or VW/Audi factory. On everything else I've been using Wix (that may change) or K&N/Mobil (K&N OIL filters). In the diesel world you will void your warranty if you use cotton gauze filters. All of those 1M mile semi's driving down the road use paper, every single one, paper. I'm gonna do the TP bypass filter on my Z one day, actually i want to run that setup on all my cars. I know it's not a gasser thing and one could argue it's unnecessary as I don't put those kind of miles on my cars.... I don't care, that shit keeps your oil looking new for months!
  12. goonfan

    Goonfan's 72' 240Z Resurrection build

    If you've been following you know my dizzy is driven off of a belt coming off the crank. I was setting the timing on what was to be her maiden voyage but the timing kept jumping all over the place. It would rev up to 8K but then start to break up real bad, I kept resetting until I noticed how bad it was. It wasn't just skipping a tooth or 180* out, you know the usual type of shit. No, it was like 30 out, 60, 20, 15, all over the damn place. Then I thought oh shit the crank nut must be loose, I torque the bejeezuz out of it with a 250lb impact driver. Still having the same problems.... hmmm I look closer and realize that the 2 bolts holding the gear for the belt have completely sheared off. So I'm like fuck, I have to get my gear puller and head to work so I can use our drill press to remove the bolts, I wanted to be extra careful since I was so close. That's when I saw it, the pulley fucking broke and there are chunks of cast iron swiming in my motor. That fucking sucked. It was really the worst moment in all my years of wrenching. Here is the damage. I have no idea how this happened. That pulley is a Nismo pulley I got from Courtesy years ago, I don't think it's even made anymore, it should'nt have cracked like that, I wasn't mashing on it, I've always been carefull to set the torque. I'm picking up a new pulley today! This weekend I'll clean the pan, slap her back together, give her a flush with dino oil and get her back on the road!
  13. goonfan

    Minty Fresh 510

    You got a garage? R1 carbs FTW! Shit I still have that KA sitting in my driveway. If Ihad more time I'd get on that custom setup I talked to about a ways back.

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