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  1. Here is a short Video of my fresh import Kenmeri..... Enjoy.....
  2. Thanks Guys for the input....I will pull the front suspension out and report back.I will measure and take a closer look. I thought somebody here been through this....I was just want to get ready to install right away and get all the parts ready.
  3. Can I use a 280ZX front struts insert on my 73 Skyline 240K C110 coupe and if not what is available or what matches in the US market to replace ? Thanks in advance. Jamal
  4. Took it to the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach last weekend. She did good.....
  5. Thank You for moving the post to the right place. Just pulled the EFI system and started to mount the intake and the triple weber.
  6. Thanks Guys..... I used to own 77 kenmeri back in Kuwait long time ago.(Late 70's early 80's).So I decided to pull the trigger on one. I am about to start the triple weber swap and get it ready for 2016 JCCS.
  7. I can't find a forum for kenmeri here..... I just got me one from over seas.73 Nissan Skyline 240K GT Coupe.bought it from Australia Last year then shipped to UAE Dubai,did the Lt Hand Drive swap and shipped to USA. She is at my house right now ....always wanted one and finally I bought one...... Nothing fancy just a repaint,redo the interior and installed a 280ZX drive train.
  8. I just bought me a 73 Kenmeri two door from Australia, shipped it to Dubai UAE....went through engine swap, Rt hand drive to Lt, body work and paint....it will be here in the states very soon.
  9. You can have that motor for a Grand even that becuase you are local and a Z guy!!Just save the headaches chasing down parts and I will send you to a guy here local to swap it for you ( http://sakuragarage.com ) Jamal http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/pts/5243885820.html
  10. Is this R34 in the states?? I am trying to import a Kenmeri to the States.
  11. Just got me a 77 810 4 Door after I shipped my other 79 810 to over seas....92K miles and everything is original in this 810 except the wheels and tires. I hope you guys like it.....I love it. Here some pictures for the 77 810...... http://s32.photobucket.com/user/borini63/library/77%20810%204%20doors?sort=3&page=1
  12. Just shipped the 810 to over seas(Dubai).......It's going to be a Full restoration.Yes I know am gonna miss her but just bought me a 4 door 77 810. I will post some pictures when it get her in Phoenix.
  13. Sweet ride man....I used to own 180B coupe fast back type body Red with black interior and that was in Kuwait in the early 80's. Some nice right way to restore a car.
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