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  1. Draker

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    That wagon is bad ass... patina for daaaaaaaays!!
  2. Draker

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    Is that a front view or rear view mirror?
  3. Draker

    Blue Lake Datsun show 2018

    Wish I could have made it. The weather was nice!
  4. Draker

    620 Land Speed Record

    Bummer!! I second the spare motor, but that can add up quick. Looking forward to the diagnosis. Sometimes you have to fail a few times before you succeed. You got this!
  5. Draker

    Funtana Comes to the NW

  6. Draker

    Need Some Help/Advice for 1972 620 Pickup

    Call pierce manifolds.
  7. Draker

    79 KB310 TS Project

    Awesome.. that thing is gonna scoot.
  8. Draker

    Draker's 1972 1200 Sedan - "The Pickle"

    Parts haul. I popped open the tranny and it looks like it will be a ok. I gotta pull the back half of the case and see what's going on back there. From what I can see, looks amazing for the amount of water that was in there.
  9. Draker

    Datsunville Fauxbird JDM yo

    On to the next one. Did they keep the shift knob?
  10. Draker

    Source for a Steering Box

    I have about the same amount of play.. 300k miles on it.
  11. Draker

    Draker's 1972 1200 Sedan - "The Pickle"

    Picked up a other 60a 5 speed. I'm pretty sure it's a boat anchor... but I'll pop it open and see what's doin. Maybe it can be rebuilt. Not a good sign when you pull the drive shaft and water poors out.
  12. Draker

    Its only a 4door......

  13. Draker

    Whaty are people using to host images.

    I host my own pics as well. No more picture hostage situation.. does cost money, but not much.
  14. A paint supplier can put it in a spray can for you. I've done it a bunch of times. Eventually I just has them mix up a 2k paint and bought a gun and did it that way.

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