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  1. spec-bre

    GOONS check in

    Who here is going to drive their Wagons to the 2018 Mitty the end of April at Road Atlanta?
  2. spec-bre

    GOONS check in

    Konig Rewinds 14x7 I believe -9
  3. spec-bre

    GOONS check in

    They put me and My wagon in FSP. 400 tread ware Federals in a 185/60 13 makes for a slikary trip around the cones!! ;-)
  4. spec-bre

    GOONS check in

    What are you running for tires? Are you still running a Nissan open rear h190 diff? What class?
  5. spec-bre

    GOONS check in

  6. spec-bre

    GOONS check in

    Small one on FB. The wheels on the car in this pic are not the wheels I run on it. They are for my flared 2 door. The width and offset doesn't work on the wagon for driving without serious rubbing. I have a page on FB with most the build info. It's a driver NOT a show car. She rolls on 13x7 Libra's. L18, 44mm Mikuni's, matchbox, Zx struts, GC camber plates and coil over kit, dogleg,1" sway up front, 7/8" rear, QA1 18 way rears, Tokico Blues upfront, z alum drums, alum flywheel with Centerforce clutch, and on and on... ;-)
  7. spec-bre

    GOONS check in

  8. spec-bre

    GOONS check in

    Big E I would sell you the wiper arms and motor but condition is unknown on the motor. Car only has 57k actual on it but was parked in a field by the original owner and looks to have been in high water.
  9. spec-bre

    GOONS check in

    If your 720 harness doesn't work out and your not in a major hurry I may be able to help you with your harness issues. I have 2 potential buyers but still possibly looking to part out this 72 wagon. Subframe, floors, core support, upper rails and all but 1 body panel are shot.
  10. spec-bre

    GOONS check in

    This past weekend at Summit Point
  11. spec-bre

    pic of your dime

  12. spec-bre

    GOONS check in

    Anyone currently running, doing, or have done an 510 sedan IRS Swap in their wagon please PM me! I'm picking up a 4 door parts car and am strongly considering this but would like to ask a couple questions. Thank you!
  13. spec-bre

    Your First Datsun? What was it? When was it?

    1970 pl510, age 37 and I gave $900.
  14. spec-bre

    Accel stutter on my L-18, dogleg with SU's

    So by using dial calipers and measuring in incrments (how many and what length/gap?) you document the new needle then using the drill and sand paper (grit?) to start fine tuning the needle. Looks straight forward enough. Do I need to pull a base measurement on my current needle to give Z therapy (Bruce) before ordering a set to fine tune?
  15. spec-bre

    Accel stutter on my L-18, dogleg with SU's

    Sorry, "topped off" was in reference to filled to the line. Not completely full.. What's the process on the needle "tuning"? I don't recall that portion on the video..

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