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  1. Ready for some spring road farming and cone dodging. It’s been a long winter.
  2. Who here is going to drive their Wagons to the 2018 Mitty the end of April at Road Atlanta?
  3. Konig Rewinds 14x7 I believe -9
  4. They put me and My wagon in FSP. 400 tread ware Federals in a 185/60 13 makes for a slikary trip around the cones!! ;-)
  5. What are you running for tires? Are you still running a Nissan open rear h190 diff? What class?
  6. Small one on FB. The wheels on the car in this pic are not the wheels I run on it. They are for my flared 2 door. The width and offset doesn't work on the wagon for driving without serious rubbing. I have a page on FB with most the build info. It's a driver NOT a show car. She rolls on 13x7 Libra's. L18, 44mm Mikuni's, matchbox, Zx struts, GC camber plates and coil over kit, dogleg,1" sway up front, 7/8" rear, QA1 18 way rears, Tokico Blues upfront, z alum drums, alum flywheel with Centerforce clutch, and on and on... ;-)
  7. Big E I would sell you the wiper arms and motor but condition is unknown on the motor. Car only has 57k actual on it but was parked in a field by the original owner and looks to have been in high water.
  8. If your 720 harness doesn't work out and your not in a major hurry I may be able to help you with your harness issues. I have 2 potential buyers but still possibly looking to part out this 72 wagon. Subframe, floors, core support, upper rails and all but 1 body panel are shot.
  9. This past weekend at Summit Point
  10. Anyone currently running, doing, or have done an 510 sedan IRS Swap in their wagon please PM me! I'm picking up a 4 door parts car and am strongly considering this but would like to ask a couple questions. Thank you!
  11. So by using dial calipers and measuring in incrments (how many and what length/gap?) you document the new needle then using the drill and sand paper (grit?) to start fine tuning the needle. Looks straight forward enough. Do I need to pull a base measurement on my current needle to give Z therapy (Bruce) before ordering a set to fine tune?
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